Fixed ceiling or mobile ceiling?


Are you going to make an enclosure in your home, but you are not clear if installing a movable roof awning or a fixed ceiling? We have the answer to all your questions!

In Toldos Costa Blanca we have more than 40 manufacturing and installing all types of awnings throughout the province of Alicante, especially in cities such as Benidorm, Santa Pola, Villajoyosa, Orihuela and Torrevieja. Therefore, due to our extensive experience ... Who better to advise you on this issue?

First, before deciding on one option or another, you must answer this question: What are you going to do this closure for?

If the answer is: only to have a space in which to protect you from the sun and the heat in summer, and the inclement weather in winter. We recommend a mobile ceiling!

If your answer is: to create a new room in my home, where I must protect furniture and valuables from rain, wind or the sun ... Our recommendation is the opposite to the above: a fixed ceiling.

You will wonder why these recommendations. Well, keep reading ... We'll explain you everything!

Characteristics of the fixed ceiling and the mobile ceiling

Fixed ceiling

It's a type of enclosure with awnings in a concrete space. It's composed of a structure with upholstered PVC ceiling and curtains that surround it.

If, in your case, you want to make a closure in which to create a new room of your home (such as a living room, reading room, a space for leisure ... etc) in which you are going to put furniture and objects to protect during all times of the year, is the perfect structure.

It consists of a roof prepared to withstand the intensity of the sun and to protect the elements that are within this enclosure of the rains and the wind.

Mobile ceiling

Do you want to make an enclosure aesthetically similar to the fixed ceiling but can be opened or folded? Our personal recommendation is the installation of a veranda awning.

A veranda is an open gallery with columns, usually roofed, built around a central structure.

This system can be placed under a roof and, being mobile, can be opened or closed to enjoy the sun or block its rays at any time.

In addition, in Toldos Costa Blanca we offer you the possibility of installing it with a domotic element that allows its opening and closing with a remote control, and can also be programmed.

Do you already know which one you are going to get yourself into? Whatever your choice ... tell us and we will advise you and solve any doubts you may have! You can do it by calling us at 966 845 800 or sending us an email to:

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