Pool pergola


If you have a garden or a terrace and you want to take advantage of all the spaces, surely you have considered installing a pergola on some occasion.

You have to take into account that to buy a pergola you have to have some previous considerations. For example, what material can the pergola be made of? What pergola design can I choose? And what uses do I want to give my pergola?

When the good weather arrives, we begin to think about conditioning the spaces of our terrace or garden, it is essential to have a shade that protects us from excess sun, especially in the warmer areas. For this, the ideal solution is to install a pergola.

You can find wooden pergolas, it is the first material that comes to mind when thinking of a pergola, but we can find structures from metal, cement, masonry, glass, or etc...

Metal (steel) pergolas solidity and robustness, weigh much more than aluminum and are more resistant, do not need maintenance and can withstand wind, humidity and sunlight well. A very modern design. An important drawback of this type of pergolas is that they can lose their qualities when exposed to the elements, especially in very humid areas. The most resistant ones are expensive.

The aluminum pergolas

They are very light, they withstand corrosion and humidity as well as the sun, they are easy to assemble and move, they require little maintenance. There is a high variety of designs, and very powerful. Perhaps something that characterizes this type of pergola is that its price may be higher than steel, and depending on the type you choose, it may not withstand the wind well.

The pergolas of work

They are usually made with columns of brick, stone or any other material and usually have a wooden or sandwich panel roof or roof. They are durable, unaffected by wind or rain, and require little maintenance. You have to take into account that being a work, you need the appropriate permits and above all to have a masonry team, its installation is more complicated and expensive.

Wooden pergolas

It must be recognized that wood has a rustic charm, the natural material, the warmth it provides us. It can be used in both a rustic and modern design, since it is a material that can be worked with easily.

There is a belief that wooden pergolas require a lot of maintenance, it must be taken into account that there is the option of having the pergola made of treated wood, which does not require any type of maintenance, and if you opt for the laminated wood option, higher quality, painting them in the factory with a salur, they do not require maintenance in 8 years.

Our tips for buying a quality pergola.

Take into account the thickness of the pillars and rafters and above all you have to take into account having professional help. At Toldos Costa Blanca we have a team of professionals who can advise you when choosing the best pergola and its installation.

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