Garden awnings

The garden awnings They are elegant solutions to cover our garden. When we install our awning we will be protecting the different elements that are part of it and we will also expand the use of the garden not only for the warm months, but for the whole year.
What advantages does an awning bring us in our garden and what types of all can I use in it?

Advantages that our awning can bring to the garden:

  1. It will be your new resting place
  2. Different types of awning: pergola, triangular, box...
  3. Its installation is practical and fast
  4. Various materials, designs and shapes
  5. The perfect complement for large spaces in the garden or terrace
  6. Taking advantage of the space of a place with new shade
  7. Easy and practical systems to open and close the awning, we recommend the roller awnings.

What types of awning can I use in my garden?

Awnings Chest:

Ideal for the porch, terraces, gardens... In generating large spaces near the house. They are the most used and are installed on the facade or wall of the house that overlooks the garden, in this way, we increase the garden space for breakfast, lunch, evenings with friends...


Ideal for places far from the house, such as in a corner or the center of our garden. Perfect for creating a unique space away from home and ideal for events.

Parasols and Tents:

Very used for moments of relaxation after leaving the pool, to sunbathe or to eat. Thanks to the latest advances in awning models, we find parasols of almost 3 meters in circumference and tents with the most innovative materials.

Triangular sail awnings:

Without too much investment and time, a triangular awning structure can be easily assembled. The three columns are installed on the ground of the garden and the awning is tightened, and we already have it assembled and ready. One more alternative to enjoy our garden; In addition, it can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

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