Pool awnings

At Toldos Costablanca we also have the perfect solution to cover your pool in the winter season, as well as the spaces around it. This will allow you to continue using the star zone of the summer with safety and comfort even during the less hot times of the year. Do you want to know what the best options are?


Everyone knows that it is not advisable to empty the swimming pools of our homes during the winter. This is because there is an imbalance between the pressure of the water and the ground.

The pool cover in PVC or polyethylene canvas will be able to keep the pool full throughout the year in complete safety. This will make the fall of leaves, impurities and the possibility of accidental falls of people and animals, stop being the main problems that may occur in this area of ​​the house. It is not a cover that you can walk on or drop heavy objects on.

When the pool is uncovered and impurities fall into it, the probability that the water filtration systems will be completely damaged increases. In addition, sunlight contributes to the formation of algae and thus to the water turning a greenish color, damaging it and making it more expensive to start up for the next bathing season. On the other hand, when it is covered, all these problems can be avoided.

Opting for a pool cover will also reduce the use of chemicals to protect the pool in general during winter storage. They are made with bubbles that prevent the evaporation of water and favor an increase in temperature of approximately 8º.

The dimensions of the cover, in general, are larger than the pool itself, providing total protection and great resistance to its surface. They are easy to handle because they are light and because of their buoyancy.

When winter is over, all you have to do is remove the cover (it is possible to roll it up manually or even adapt a motor), run the pool cleaner and the water will be fully prepared and clean so that you can use the pool again throughout the entire season. season.


Keeping the water in your pool at a good temperature, whether large or small, is essential to extend the hours of bathing and the enjoyment of the whole family and guests.

It will also allow bathing possibilities to be expanded in spring and even until the beginning of autumn.

Thermal blankets transfer the heat from the sun itself to the water, heating it and maintaining that temperature for long hours, even if temperatures drop considerably at night.

Se trata de la forma más ecológica, estética, práctica, económica y eficiente de climatizar la piscina.

The thermal blanket also serves as support for other air conditioning systems. Be it an electric heater, a heat pump or a solar-powered air conditioning system.

It will be an essential complement to optimize your efficiency. It will make your air conditioning much more effective, assuming an economic saving of up to 60%.


This type of awning provides shade to the spaces surrounding the pool in the most economical way, allowing us to create usable outdoor areas whatever the time of year. They are more elegant and aesthetic than the old-fashioned pool umbrellas and provide much more versatility and harmony to outdoor areas.

They are cheaper than traditional awnings and allow you to cover large areas. In some cases, it is not necessary to install posts or additional structures for their placement, since they can be placed directly on the façade. They can be of various shapes: triangular, square or other geometric shapes and made of various materials.

Sail awnings are the perfect textile accessory to provide a touch of particularity, comfort and avant-garde decoration around the garden area or pool porch.

One of the most important things is that the stretch sail matches the color range of the space to be occupied, so the professionals on our team will guide you in choosing colors, as well as the ideal size and shape for each space. specific. In addition, it is possible to combine various candle colors in the spaces, thus granting a plus of exclusivity.

Its installation is very simple, needing to specify the anchor points near the pool, which can be permanent or with the ability to be installed and uninstalled when necessary.


In swimming pools, pergolas are a highly requested option. They represent an important decorative element with their own style, where it is possible to combine the design of the aluminum structure with the color of the fabric and achieve a truly luxurious result.

They are offered in countless sizes and models, they fix very well and are easy and quick to install.

They can be activated by different systems such as a pulley, rope or with a motor that will make it possible to move the entire mechanism with just one finger.

They can cover the porch area, the garden area or even part of the pool itself. Many have the option of also installing awnings or curtains around them, not just on top of the roof, in order to create a complete additional space to the house that will be suitable for use at any time of the year.

In our pergolas it is possible to add all kinds of useful accessories to improve the stay under it by the pool. Whether they are led lights, heating system, acoustic diffusers or spotlights on the columns.

It will also be possible to choose the type of material, giving the possibility of making them with an open sky to allow the entry of natural light and also give the option of full visibility.

In Toldos Costablanca We are professional technicians and installers, and we have extensive experience in all types of solar protection systems.

We love to give you ideas. If you are here, it is because you are looking for a solution to protect your pool area from the sun or the countless inclement weather. Contact us and we will give you the best advice.

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