Waterproof Pergola (Sail Awnings and Bioclimatics)

System designed for the evacuation of water and sun protection.

Classified by UNE EN 13561 (European Safety Regulations) in category 3 (resistant up to 53 Km/h.), this awning systemprotects from rain and wind, being especially suitable for the hotel industry. and the enclosure of spaces and terraces.

It consists of a robust structure and a waterproof plasticized fabric system that, when extended, allows the evacuation of water through the sides and is expelled by the pillars.

With elegant lines, this awning for terraces can cover and close large areas thanks to its modular system that allows the union of several pergolas.

As options, this terrace awning allows heating by means of infrared radiators, both horizontal and perimeter LED lighting, speakers and a complete home automation system that allows it to open and close from the mobile or program its closing and opening.

Ideal and complete solution for premises where urban regulations do not allow a fixed installation.

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Protección solar
Ahorro energético

Waterproof Pergola (Sail Awnings and Bioclimatics) montadas

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  • Colours: Lacquered in RAL. SEE RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: Ceiling / Wall / Floor.
  • Fabrics: Technical Fabrics.
  • Opening: With motor and path guides
  • Inclination: Recommended minimum of 15º
  • Complements: Canopy and perimeter canopy, LED lighting, infrared heater, speakers, integrated installation in home automation units
  • Recommended Maximum Measurement: 7 X 7 meters.
  • Maximum Size: Being a modular product, there is no limit to both width and extension.
  • Motorization: Yes, integrated in the product.


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