Straight point awnings

Discover the straight drop awnings we offer at Toldoscostablanca. This type of awning is renowned for its minimalist design and clean lines, which in no way compromise its functionality, making them ideal for any kind of architecture and aesthetic. Straight drop awnings are extremely versatile, suitable for windows, balconies, and terraces. They not only protect indoor areas from the Sun and the elements but also reduce heat and fading of furniture and other interior decor items.

This straight drop awning system consists of a set of two arms measuring between 0.70 and 1.50 meters. They can be installed with tension or without it; the tension system ensures the awning always has enough tension so that a breeze doesn't cause it to wobble and remains as stable as possible. This tension arm system is recommended in areas where light wind is an issue. Customers can choose between a single or double drop, with the single drop reaching about 90º inclination and the double can go up to 150º. They are ideal for windows and shops.

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