Awnings in Altea


We are manufacturers of awnings for the area of Altea and surroundings (03590). Discover our catalog of products and services of Toldos Costa Blanca, in which we have more than 40 years of experience manufacturing and working on the installation of awnings and protection systems, so our experience supports us.

Manufacturers of awnings for Altea, we guarantee a fully covered global and comprehensive service. We design, manufacture and install our awnings in homes and restaurants with terraces. All our products are guaranteed, which covers transportation, materials and work during a period of time assigned to each service.

The importance of creating a pleasant and calm environment for customers is immense, since in this way they will be able to establish a connection with the business and sales will increase. One of the best ways to achieve this is through unique awnings that create a beautiful setting.

The beautiful town of Altea is located 555 kilometers from Alicante and 90 kilometers from Valencia. In addition, it has access to 2 international airports that are; Manises at 150 km and Altea at about 60 km that are passed every day by thousands of tourists who want to know this memorable site.

A beautiful and unique old town stands out from the city, thus forming a labyrinth of small whitewashed houses decorated in a striking and calm way, along with flowers and plants that make the space one of a kind.

The most popular are the tallest Blue Domes. This beautiful landscape has inspired hundreds of artists and photographers, making it one of the most famous municipalities in the entire country for its Mediterranean beauty.

Although this is one of the busiest places in Altea, the Iglesia de la Señora del Consuelo is known as the Dome of the Mediterranean and in the summer it welcomes thousands of artisans in the Mostra d’Artesanía de Altea that is It has become a tourist attraction in recent years.

Consequently, economic growth has been noted in the small town both for its natural and architectural landscapes. Business has increased, so it is essential to provide guests with a local environment and make their stay more special.

And what better than with awnings that optimize your space and establish an image for your business that helps sales?

Aluminium structure with retractable roof (Palillería) in Altea

Pergolas are known for being a retractable or sliding modular system that has rails that serve to move the sticks where the textile material that will serve to create the shade is placed.

They are ideal for any type of business, especially: hotels, restaurants, terraces and other businesses.

They can be used both to separate spaces and for decorative and aesthetic purposes that help establish a welcoming environment, setting aside their original function, which is to protect people from weather conditions.

Pergolas in Altea

In the case of pergolas, they are commonly wooden structures that serve to decorate an outdoor space and protect people from the sun’s rays and rain.

They are perfect to be accompanied by plants that will form a magical and attractive space for anyone.

Awnings in Altea

Awnings are surfaces made of many structural and textile materials that offer protection from the sun, rain, they are also used as a decorative element, to divide spaces and more.

There are many types of awnings and each one of them suits different business needs.

Models of Awnings in Altea

Sail awnings offer the possibility of being installed in any open space. You only need the necessary anchor points to be able to hold the canopy. Thanks to this you can place it on your terrace and take a well-deserved rest or you can combine several for your large garden and celebrate family meals or parties with friends on a sunny day.
Hood awnings are the most elegant awnings par excellence, they can be installed in windows and small shop windows and will protect your home or business premises from the sun. Available in a fixed version and in a folding version. The folding system makes it very easy to fold and unfold the awning, so you can easily retract it when not needed. The system is assembled with an aluminum structure that, through joints, makes it very easy to use. On the other hand, the hood also offers privacy to your home since the shape of the awning means that there is no visibility on the sides. There is another possibility of a pergola, in this case we use the structure of the building to install the canvas. Obtaining a pergola between walls.  
It is an awning system with invisible arms specially designed for installation on small and medium-sized balconies. Its small supports and its meticulous design give this awning a very refined finish. It is also possible to install invisible awnings on terraces that have to cover large areas. This system, in one of its variants, allows exits of up to 5 meters, although it must be taken into account that not all places where this awning must be anchored of invisible arms are fit for it.
A sandwich panel roof reduces leaks and humidity in case of rain. In addition, sealing washers are usually incorporated that speed up assembly, but without reducing insulation. A sandwich roof is an anchor structure and a perimeter structure that supports a series of sheet metal modules on both sides and with polyurethane insulation between them, conferring a high insulating power against both noise and temperature. These modules come machi femaledos that allow to obtain a high degree of tightness in the surface. This fixing system allows to reduce leaks and humidity in case of rain. In addition, sealing washers are usually incorporated that speed up assembly, but without reducing insulation. They can be lacquered in different ral colors The structure that supports it can be made of aluminum or lacquered iron and of different sizes. Its surroundings can be closed with facade panels of the same material or with curtain awnings.

About Toldos
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These are just some of the examples of awnings that we can manufacture in our workshop, we make any type of awning, whether to install on windows, swimming pools or terraces. Both for individuals and businesses. We design and adapt each of the works we carry out to the needs of our clients. To create comfortable outdoor spaces that will improve your quality of life, while increasing the value of your home or business.

We are the only company that installs awnings in Alicante and has the ISO quality certification. All our awnings are accompanied by a guarantee that is delivered in writing once the installation is done.

If you need an awning company in Alicante, you can contact us, we will advise you and provide the best sun protection solution for both your home and your business.