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Toldos Costablanca in Altea

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With over four decades of experience, Costa Blanca Awnings is the leading company in manufacturing and installing awnings in Altea and its surroundings. We offer a comprehensive and global service, from design and manufacturing to the installation of our awnings, both in homes and in terrace restaurants. All our products come with a guarantee, covering transportation, materials, and workmanship for a specific period. We boast a team of sun protection experts, offering a professional and unique service. We are committed to providing you with free, tailored advice, adapted to your needs, whether it's for your home or restaurant.

At Costa Blanca Awnings, we care about the aesthetics of your terrace, specializing in design and flawless installation. We install awnings for terraces, gardens, and sail awnings in Altea, tailoring to the specifics of each space. Whether it's to shield from heat and UV rays or to turn your garden into a shaded haven for dining or relaxation, our awnings are the perfect choice. We are your trusted company for awning sales in Altea. We offer a wide range of awnings, enclosures, and sails to protect from the sun and heat. Our awnings will transform your terrace into a pleasant and unique environment.

At Costa Blanca Awnings, we manufacture, distribute, and install high-quality and affordable awnings in Altea. Our product guarantee exceeds 2 years, depending on the type of awning, motors, and materials used. Our specialized R&D team works tirelessly to develop new products and integrate them into our production and installation system. Additionally, we offer advanced technology products that will help you save on your electric bill. Contact us with any questions regarding the installation of an awning in Altea. We'll guide you in choosing the best system, tailored to your needs and with a customized budget. At Costa Blanca Awnings, "we design, manufacture, and install your shade."

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