Cassette Awnings

Discover the cassette awnings, the perfect solution for providing protection, durability, and elegance to any space. These awnings stand out for their sophisticated design, which includes a protective casing or box that shields the canvas when the awning is retracted, thus providing added protection. With our cassette awnings, in addition to achieving excellent protection against the Sun and rain, the product's lifespan will be much longer. This is because the casing protects the canvas from the harshest weather conditions and from wear and tear over time.

Main advantages of cassette awnings

When we install cassette awnings at home, we save on electricity bills due to reduced air conditioning usage, as this type of awning is ideal for shielding the home from the most adverse weather conditions both in winter and summer. Furthermore, our users highlight them as the most versatile product and also recommend them for the following advantages:

  • Elegant structure suitable for both homes and businesses. Widely used on modern house facades.
  • Custom-made, we can design them to your taste. Plus, the quality of their fabric guarantees 100% UV protection with maximum safety.
  • The cassette awning can be operated manually or automatically by adding a motor, giving it the features of automated awnings.
  • Possible to be installed on walls, external ceilings, or overhangs.

Without a doubt, one of the determining factors for choosing this type of awning is its durability. This cassette awning format considerably extends the product's lifespan, as the casing will enhance the awning's durability, unlike conventional awnings where the canvas and arms can be exposed.

Have questions about our cassete awnings? We're here to help!

Does the awning's casing affect its functionality?

No, on the contrary, the casing enhances the awning's functionality. It protects the canvas when the awning is retracted, prolonging its lifespan.

Do cassette awnings require special maintenance?

Cassette awnings are very durable and require little maintenance. However, we recommend periodic cleaning of the casing to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust that could wear it out.

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