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Alicante, with its privileged Mediterranean location, enjoys countless sunny days a year. This is one of the reasons why the installation of awnings in Alicante has become an essential element to enhance and make the most of outdoor spaces, both in homes and businesses. Costa Blanca Awnings has spent years dedicated to the manufacturing and installation of awnings and sun protection systems throughout the province. We specialize in creating the shade you need, offering a variety of awning models.

The tourist appeal of Alicante, with its breathtaking landscapes and leisure offerings, has boosted the local economy, and with it, the opening of new businesses. For this reason, it's essential to have elements that help create a harmonious and unique atmosphere, like awnings. In addition to providing protection, they can enhance your brand's image. Alicante, located on the Costa Blanca, is distinguished by its beauty, quality of life, and its preserved essence over time. Its warm climate, exquisite cuisine, and cultural offerings attract tourists from all over the world. Whether for water sports, hiking, or simply enjoying its museums and beaches, Alicante offers something for everyone.

In this setting, local businesses play a crucial role in the experience of tourists and residents. Awnings can be the solution to create comfortable and appealing spaces. Among our options, we offer pergola structures in Alicante, made with durable materials like steel and aluminum. Crafted with fabrics resistant to the sun and rain, they add value and style to any outdoor space, making them an ideal choice for gardens, terraces, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. At Costa Blanca Awnings, we are committed to offering high-quality products that meet our clients' needs, ensuring optimal sun protection and unique design.

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