Pergola - Palillero or Flat Awning

Flat or pergola awning system (also called palillería due to the thinnest profile that extends the fabric and is called a stick) very versatile and adaptable to any surface to be shaded.

The particularity of this system is its shape, which is mainly made up of a structure anchored to the wall and with posts that form a goal where the guides are placed where the awning runs.

The possibilities of this pergola system are endless and can be, depending on the type and place of anchorage, between walls, goal or double goal, each with its different versions.

Our sales staff will advise you on the best anchoring system and the version that best suits the surface of the pergola.

It has the possibility of adding curtains with or without window on its sides and front.

Highly recommended system for enclosing terraces in commercial premises where an open space can be adapted into a cozy place that is safe from inclement weather.

Protección solar
Ahorro energético

Pergola - Palillero or Flat Awning montadas

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  • Colours: Lacquered in RAL, wood imitation. SEE RAL COLORS
  • Fixation: Ceiling / Wall / Floor.
  • Fabrics: Acrylic, PVC or Technical Fabrics.
  • Opening: With pulleys. Motorization option
  • Tilt: Optional.
  • Accessories: Canopy
  • Recommended Maximum Measurement: Width up to 7 meters,
  • Maximum Measurement: Being a modular product, there is no limit to both width and extension.
  • Motorization: Yes, optional


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