Awnings for Terrace

If you are looking for  terrace awnings, you are in the right place. Toldos Costa Blanca is the only company in the sector that has a Quality Certification for all its products and facilities, no other company can currently provide this certification and our more than 25 years of experience guarantee us.

You can read more about our certifications aquí.

Awnings are not only used for the sun, but there is a wide range of waterproof awnings to use in the rest of the seasons, whether on cloudy or drizzly days.

These are ideal for enjoying terraces and gardens and protect from inclement weather.

You will be protected against rain and sun

Thanks to technological advances, waterproof awnings can be manufactured with the latest technology for terraces and gardens.

With a waterproof awning you can reuse that wasted space in the garden, terrace or balcony, protecting this space.

The waterproof awning protects us from UV rays, rain and even protects us from the cold

How can I install them?

It all depends on the space we have and the space we need to cover; and even the protection that is required.

Aspects such as exposure to the sun and pocketing of water must also be taken into account, which is why, when it is installed, it must be taken into account what the weather is going to do, so that problems do not arise.

Types of raincoats and their use:

There are different types of awnings with waterproof fabrics, so the most important are:

-Horizontal awnings do not protect from air or cold

-The pergolas allow us to create a more sheltered space. Widely used in bars and restaurants

Types of fabrics: Function and effectiveness in waterproof type awnings

-PVC tarps: Material most used for waterproofing. The inconvenience is that they subtract heat and have a lot of shine, so it is not aesthetic. They are mainly used in industry.

-Acrylic Canvases: They do not absorb heat and are made of a very shiny material.

-Resinated Acrylic Canvases: New range of fabrics for all types of awnings. They maintain the characteristics of the previous ones, but they are coated with special resins with which maximum impermeability is achieved. And it is that in addition, they have a treatment to avoid molds and bacteria that cause the fabric to deteriorate.

Waterproof tarpaulin care

Waterproof awnings and pergolas are designed to protect you from the rain, sun and cold. In order for them to comply with these protection functions, it is advisable to carry out proper maintenance and use of them.

We give you some maintenance tips for waterproof awnings in the following paragraphs.

You can extend the useful life of your waterproof awning if you carry out the revisions recommended by the manufacturer or installation company. It is important that in case of any operating problem you contact the professionals who carried out the installation.

In case of heavy rain we recommend closing the awning. Although it is waterproof, the formation of pockets of water can break the canvas, due to excessive weight. Always avoid water pockets.

You should also close waterproof awnings on days or nights with strong winds. Gusts of wind can break or damage the canvas.

Waterproof awnings allow you to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet on drizzly days. To do this, they are made with moisture-resistant canvas. Our advice is to wait until the canvas is dry before folding the awning.

And if you want to wash them, do not use chemical products. The best cleaning is with warm or cold water and neutral soap.

Quality waterproof awnings with all the guarantees

At Toldos Costa Blanca we offer you a wide variety of waterproof awnings. Our sun protection items that also protect from the rain are made with quality materials.

Our products and services have guarantee and safety certificates and comply with the regulations of the European Union.

  • They are certified with the CE marking that ensures compliance with the European Safety Regulation UNE EN 13561.
  • In terms of quality, we are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.
  • And we respect the environment as guaranteed by the ISO 14001 Environmental certification.

The waterproof awnings of Toldos Costa Blanca combine quality, safety and durability.

When we install them, the customer receives the certified written guarantee and the article's user manual.

Extras to add to waterproof awnings.

Our work as manufacturers allows us to have an R&D department that develops and searches for the most innovative techniques and materials to ensure the functionality of our awnings.

The result of their labor is the large number of extras that can be added to the range of waterproof awnings: motors, rain and wind sensors, LED lights, systems to extend durability, tarps with treatment against bacteria, fungi, mould...

Your awning for terrace.

They are made in lots of different designs and colors with a matte look, so they don't look like plastic. We can currently say that waterproof resin-coated canvases are the star product

We have a wide variety of terrace awnings, with our awnings you can create new spaces on your terrace where you can be inspired, making the most of the exterior of your home or business, creating places to enjoy and relax. New spaces adapted to your style and decoration. Or simply make profitable those areas of your business that you did not take advantage of before. Our models are state-of-the-art, fashion designs, for whatever your style, a wide variety of colors, prints and a multitude of finishes, to create unique and totally personalized spaces.

One of the advantages of working with Toldos Costa Blanca, in addition to the quality of each of its facilities and the variety of models, is that of being able to count on a made-to-measure awning. An awning designed and adapted precisely to the space to be shaded, starting with the awning model that you like the most, we can completely adapt it to your needs, resulting in an awning of the best quality made 100% to measure with everything you need. you need.

We create unique spaces based on the shade design you need, styles that inspire and decorate as well as soften the temperature of the space in which they are installed. You can count on the design that best suits your space and customize it 100%. Our technicians will prepare a detailed budget after fully advising you on the choice of your terrace awning.

Solar protection
Installing an awning on the terrace of your house allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the sun suffocating you or burning your skin. The main function of awnings for terraces is sun protection.

At Toldos Costa Blanca we guarantee that our awnings for terraces have more than 95% protection against UV rays.

You enjoy your terrace longer
With the awnings for terraces you can enjoy this outdoor space every month of the year. In addition to offering sun protection, they protect from wind, rain, cold.

In this sense, terrace awnings are perfect for being able to provide service 365 days a year in a restaurant or bar. The useful area is increased by being able to take advantage of the meters of terrace all year round.

The awnings on terraces, therefore, allow you to enjoy this stay every month of the year. And the best thing is that to install them you do not need to make any enclosure or the investment that this work entails. Vertical awnings are a great option to avoid these enclosures.

Less energy expenditure
Derived from the previous benefits, an added advantage is obtained. Terrace awnings reduce the need to spend large amounts on air conditioning or heating. Your energy expenditure is reduced.

With an awning on your terrace or that of your business, in the warmer months by extending it in the middle of the day, you achieve a lower temperature in your home and premises.

Many people already use patio awnings as an alternative to air conditioning. The shade they offer helps cool interior rooms.

They protect the furniture
The sun's rays do not only affect people. Continuous exposure to these damages the furniture and decorative objects you have on the terrace. With the awnings on terraces, when you unfold them, your furniture and decoration will be protected and will enjoy a longer useful life.

The same happens with rain, wind, snow... All these inclement weather damage your furniture and age it. With the awnings for terraces, the protection is total.

If you install an awning on the terrace of your restaurant or bar, your outdoor furniture stays in perfect condition for longer and your customers will enjoy their favorite food under the best shade.

They give privacy and intimacy
To all the above benefits we must add that the awnings for terraces give you privacy. By extending the awning, your terrace is hidden from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Without the need for any type of enclosure.

They are a claim for customers
For hotels and restaurants, awnings on terraces are a plus. With them you can guarantee the intimacy of your guests or clients. They will thank you.

A restaurant with a terrace is very attractive for terraceo lovers. Your sales will increase.

They do not require much maintenance
If you choose the awnings for terraces from Toldos Costa Blanca, you choose quality products. Being manufactured and installed by expert technicians in continuous training, we ensure their guarantee of operation.

Our awnings on terraces do not require major maintenance work.
Collect them on days of heavy rain or strong wind. We can install some sensors that will do this job for you.
Clean it from time to time so that dirt does not damage the structure. For this cleaning, avoid chemical products, simply use a cloth slightly moistened with water and neutral soap.
Pass the revisions that we mark for you so that the durability is greater and you avoid serious breakdowns.
Do not force it in case of a malfunction. Call us and we will solve the problem.
Tips for choosing awnings for terraces
At Toldos Costa Blanca we have more than four decades of experience in the manufacture and installation of awnings. These years of work allow us to advise you in the best possible way.

We give you some important advice to take into account when choosing your awnings on terraces.

Study your needs and space before choosing terrace awnings
On this page we have shown you the wide variety of awnings for terraces that exist. Before choosing one, you must weigh your needs and study the space you want to cover.

If you need help, at Toldos Costa Blanca we offer you technical advice. We go to your home or business and measure your terrace to recommend the best awning for you.

Choose the color of the canvas with the benefits in mind
In the case of neighborhood communities or urbanizations, the color of the canvas is usually imposed to maintain homogeneity.

We give you some recommendations to help you choose the color of the canvas for terrace awnings.

Light colors do not offer as much sun protection as dark tones that make it difficult for the sun's rays to pass through.

Think that the awnings on terraces are outdoors. It is better that you choose colors that hide more dirt. The more you clean the tarp, the more it wears out.

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