Parking Shade Structures

Your vehicle deserves the best care. Rain, hail, tree resin, animals or frequent sun can deteriorate both the appearance and the functioning of your usual means of transport.

Whether you have a car, motorcycle or simply a bicycle, it can break down and lose its value more quickly if they do not have adequate protection when they are outside.

The deterioration of some pieces will be very likely due to temperature changes and long exposures to the sun. Also the paint and plastic elements of the vehicle can be affected.

For all these reasons, when we park any vehicle outdoors, it is best to do it under cover. But, not under any shelter.

Leaving your car or other means of transportation in the shade of trees can keep it cool and prevent the body paint from fading, but it means that resin, bird droppings or pollen can end up on the bodywork.

Keeping your car in good condition, whether you have a private or public space, is possible without having to make a large investment. Do you like the idea?

Sail Awnings.

They are an elegant and effective cover to keep the vehicle safe from inclement weather. At Toldos Costablanca we can offer you a selection of fixed sail awnings, wall anchors and masts for shade sails.

A careful selection of equipment and fabrics is what sets us apart from the rest to offer the most protective and quality option to shelter your vehicles outdoors. Sail shades allow air circulation to keep the area cooler and provide maximum sun protection from harmful UV rays. They also protect from rain helping to increase the useful life of the car.

Our sail materials are highly resistant to breakage, snow, wind, wet weather and the sun's powerful rays.

We adapt to any of the shades of candles you need to fit your environment. In addition, there is the possibility of being able to make a personalized corporate design.

These awnings are characterized by their quick installation, their lightness and their ability to cover large areas. They are easy to clean and, furthermore, their relocation is simple in case you need to move the fabric to another area at a key moment.

Tunnel Awnings

Whether for a rustic or modern country house, a chalet, an agricultural operation protecting machinery and tractors, or for the outside area of ​​a warehouse where vans have to be protected, a parking tunnel awning is a good option where to park the vehicles throughout the year.

A fixed structure that allows creating a new comfortable space for cars that accompanies the aesthetics of the place. That is the function of the Toldos Costablanca tunnel awnings.

This type of awning can have a flat or curved roof structure and integrate or not a window, thus generating a completely isolated space. They are created to guarantee maximum durability and to be a versatile option that can be installed in any type of space.

Built with galvanized iron and as an option lacquered in the oven. It is covered in PVC, a polyester fabric material, which is completely waterproof and can optionally be fire-retardant.

It can be anchored to any type of ground, as long as it allows the placement of flat cement bases.


There are many buildings and different constructions that initially do not contemplate the creation of a garage, but that over time may create the need for its installation. For these cases, be it a restaurant, a single-family home or any other type of establishment, installing a parking pergola may be the easiest option to have what we need. It will be an easy way and without the need to do any work to protect vehicles.

This type of coverage stands out for its great functionality. They give protection and speed of access. It is totally adaptable to the space and specific characteristics of the terrain. It can be made as the user needs.

There is the possibility of several applications, depending on whether you want it to be a continuous part of the house, or to be remote, for example, if it is about covering cars that are parked in a warehouse and distance is needed.

  • Model without columns for fixing between walls or to the ceiling
  • Model for fixing to the wall with two columns fixed to the ground
  • Model with four columns fixed to the ground

At Toldos Costablanca we will study the place so that the anchors and posts make the parking maneuver as easy as possible and do not hinder the natural line of parking. Our goal is to provide an exclusive and original place to park vehicles outdoors:

  1. Protecting from sunlight and rain.
  2. Maintaining the shine and bodywork of the vehicle.
  3. Protecting it against the wind.
  4. Keeping vehicle electronics safe.
  5. Reducing the temperature of the car without burning the upholstery.
  6. Preserving the aesthetic harmony of spaces.

Find within our wide selection of awnings the most modern shelter for your car and according to your needs. We have extensive experience that allows us to certify our facilities and deliver the guarantee in writing.


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