Pool Covers

Product description:

Pool covers or tarpaulins are more than a complement for pools. They are a safety tool that users are demanding more and more, since they prevent serious falls by avoiding unfortunate accidents.

In addition, they are highly effective in both community and private installations because they prevent the water from coming into contact with windblown debris and help keep the water clean when the pool is not in use.

Protección solar
Ahorro energético

Pool Covers montadas

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  • Colors: Blue and Black SEE RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: To the ground by means of retractable screws and tensioners.
  • Fabrics: PVC with special treatment
  • Opening: Manual, optionally a canvas collector is available that facilitates the task of rolling up. It is possible to cover any shape of pool thanks to the use of a template that allows us to manufacture it to measure and adapt it to any shape.

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