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Toldos Costablanca in El campello

What type of awning do you want?

At Toldos Costa Blanca, we specialize in the installation of awnings in El Campello, where we provide expert advice to choose the right type of awning for each space. For windows, we typically go for decorative canopies or the cost-effective straight-point awnings with arms. For terraces, we offer various alternatives like awnings with invisible arms, covering vast areas, or sail awnings, custom-designed in triangular, rectangular, or a combination of both shapes. Pergola awnings are also a popular choice for terraces.

Businesses have specific requirements. Bars and restaurants can benefit from an enclosure that allows for maximum terrace use all year round. Other businesses may require storefront awnings, which help maintain an appropriate indoor temperature, reducing electric consumption and ensuring optimal lighting. For patios, the pergola awning is the most common choice. Pergolas adapt to any space due to the variety of materials and anchorages available. Moreover, they can be motorized and feature light and wind sensors for automatic adjustments based on weather conditions.

Awnings with a casing are another excellent option. This casing protects the awning's fabric and structure, ensuring longer durability by shielding it from wind, rain, and sun. Vertical awnings, ideal for porches, provide an almost hermetic space, depending on the chosen awning type. There are models with windows for practicality. These awnings offer privacy, are easy to maintain, and shield from sunlight, creating cool and private spaces. Finally, any of the awnings you choose can be motorized. With a remote control, you can effortlessly extend or retract the fabric. Rain and wind sensors can be added so the awning automatically retracts under weather conditions that might damage it. At Toldos Costa Blanca, we have the perfect awning for every need.

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