Glass enclosures

The glass enclosures, also known as glass curtains, will make your terrace more special and comfortable. The installation of this type of glass enclosure will allow you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home or business throughout the year, without weather conditions interfering in those planned moments or in the experience of your diners. At Toldos Costa Blanca, we are aware that leisure is a key point in our lives, and that is why we offer the best enclosures and glass sunrooms on the market, with high-quality materials that can protect your terrace from wind, cold, and rain, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor views without losing the feeling of being outdoors.

If you want to expand the space of your home and still feel comfortable, glass enclosures will undoubtedly allow you to relax and enjoy the exterior of your home. The installation of this type of enclosure will be admired by family and friends, who every time they are invited to your home, we are sure that they will remind you of the comfort of this space. Without a doubt, you will be able to carry out all kinds of activities in these spaces protected by the glass enclosures.

How do glass enclosures work?

The installation of the glass enclosures and curtains is designed so that the use of this type of product is easy for the customer. Therefore, it will be very easy to open them, without the need to exert much effort, and once open, they can easily slide along their rails, being able to fold in those moments when you are looking for a breeze in this space. This does not mean that they become weak and can move, since when installed, stops are implemented that will prevent them from moving even a millimeter, being even safer and allowing you to enjoy them in the way you want and when you want. Open them completely, partially or keep them closed, we install, you enjoy, and if you have doubts, we help you. Everything is installed and manufactured to meet your expectations.

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