Stor Awning

The stor awnings have the simplest awning system, ideal for installation in buildings with small balconies and terraces. The awning blind consists of a set of arms (2 units) of no more than 50 centimeters that attach the load bar to the railing. The arms have a small spring that allows them to retract automatically when released from the railing anchors.

This same stor awning has the particularity of being able to be placed in two positions, one of them being ideal to have complete verticality. The possibility of placing a technical fabric allows for greater privacy while achieving solar protection.


  • Colors: White and Lacquered in RAL. SEE RAL COLORS
  • Fixing: Aluminum brackets to ceiling or between walls
  • Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or technical fabrics
  • Inclination: Vertical drop
  • Complements: Nautical Chest, SEE ACCESSORIES
  • Maximum measurement: 7 meters drop width or 4 meters extension.
  • Maximum recommended size: Due to the probable sagging of the coiling tube, we do not recommend a width of more than 5 meters.
  • Motorization: Available (optional)
Protección solar
Ahorro energético

Stor Awning montadas

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