Sandwich Panel Roof

Discover the benefits of a roof with sandwich panels – a solution designed to minimize leaks and humidity during rainy weather. Our sandwich roofs feature a smart design with sealing washers for efficient assembly without compromising insulation. The structure consists of anchoring and perimeter components supporting metal modules with polyurethane insulation, ensuring excellent noise and temperature insulation.

The tongue-and-groove joints of these modules provide a superior level of surface tightness, reducing the risk of leaks and dampness in rainy conditions. Our fastening system, complemented by sealing washers, streamlines the assembly process without sacrificing insulation.

Choose from a variety of RAL colors to customize the appearance of your roof panels. The supporting structure is available in lacquered aluminum or iron, offering flexibility in sizes to suit your needs.

Enhance the overall aesthetics by enclosing the surrounding area with facade panels made from the same material or opt for curtain awnings. Explore the versatility and performance of our sandwich panel roofs for a reliable and efficient roofing solution.

Protección solar
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