Awnings to combat climate change

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Do you know that you can fight the heat in summer without damaging the environment? This summer, forget about air conditioning, which also entails a significant economic expense, and bet on a natural and healthy solution for you and your home: it contributes to curbing climate change with the solutions we offer you to refresh your home.

The best awnings to combat climate change

Awnings are an ideal tool to avoid excessive consumption of electricity from air conditioning, protect from sun rays and allow everything under its shade better durability. We have fought against heat in this way since ancient times, using systems similar to today's awnings and pergolas, why should we change now?

The awning that will best replace air conditioning depends a lot on the configuration of your home. Therefore, below, we guide you in choosing the type of awning that suits you best.


Sail awnings

Sail awnings offer the possibility of being installed in any open place, such as a terrace or a garden. They are very versatile; you can install them wherever you want. You only need the anchor points to hold the canopy.

Our sail awnings are made of high-quality polyester and PVC coated, which makes them waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions, as well as protection.

toldos vela

Vertical awnings

They are the best solution for apartments that are close together and when the cause of heat is due to direct sunlight. These awnings let in fresh air, but not the heat of the sun, so that you will have very pleasant natural ventilation. In addition, they will protect your window from the wind and rain.

Toldo vertical transparente


The ideal option for outdoors. You can install them with four posts, to the wall in the form of a porch or between wall and wall. They will serve to create an area sheltered from the cold, the sun, the wind and the rain. They are often used on the terraces of bars and restaurants.


Box awnings

They are the most used in modern houses and in the terraces of premises. When retracted canvas and arms are stored in an aluminium coffer, thus the awning is protected against the elements when it is not in use.


They are similar to the vertical ones, only that they are retractable by wrapping themselves inside an aluminium box, and remain invisible. In addition, you can use them both on windows and on balconies, where they will protect your home from both light and heat.


toldos cofre

As you can see, awnings help insulate your home from heat, cold and wind. This way you can maintain a more constant temperature without recourse to air conditioning and other appliances and thus fight against climate change.

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