Shade sail awnings

Shade sail awnings

Awnings sail ideal for garden or terrace

The shade sail awnings offer the possibility of being installed in any open place. You only need the anchor points due to its triangular, square or trapezoidal shape

Thanks to this you can place it on your terrace and take a well-deserved rest or you can combine several for your large garden and celebrate family meals or parties with friends on a sunny day.

Toldo de vela
Toldo de vela

Perfect to protect yourself from the sun

The shade sail serve as protection from the sun’s rays since you can place it where you want, while you have ample space. With this awning you can enjoy the summer.

Comfort to your liking

One of the main characteristics of sail awnings is its versatility, since you can place it where you want easily.

Practical installation:

The awning is equipped with stainless steel clamps and shackles needed to regulate the necessary tension. The anchor points can be located either on the wall or by masts or poles that allow obtaining the desired shape to protect the widest possible area.

Main features:
  • Triangular, square or trapezoidal profile sail
  • Thick polyester fabric of high density, high quality resistant to weather conditions.
  • Possibility of using PVC coated polyester fabric to make it waterproof
  • If you choose the polyester fabric covered with PVC, your sail with have 97% UV, solar and rain protection.
  • Resistant to moisture and mildew.
  • Ideal for terraces, gardens, outdoor parking …
  • Fresh air, decorative and avant-garde, unique design.

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