Vertical pergorain

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Perfect for your balcony or terrace

The vertical awnings are a great solution for balconies close to or joining to other
properties. Thanks to these awnings you will have privacy without the need of complicated installations. In addition, they will protect you from the sun, wind and rain.

Toldo vertical
Pérgola con toldo

Advantages of vertical awnings:

  • Thanks to its material prevents much of the ultraviolet and heat rays from entering your home, so the balcony will be cooler
  • You can read a book, sleep or eat without worrying about that scorching heat
  • The elements that you have on the balcony will be protected, reducing the wear considerably.

And the best, Easy and simple installation

The vertical awning can be installed with the appropriate brackets on the wall or ceiling. Remember that the awning must be tied to all the corners of the railings, so remember what you support the installation on. Simply once installed, it is to hold the awning on the floor of the balcony to be able to place it down vertically.

Your way: set the size and height:

You choose the right size for your protection, so you can place it as you wish and install more than one. In addition, the awning has a length of 100 cm that you can roll and unwind as you wish and depending on sunlight.

Toldo vertical

Main features:

  • Perfect on balconies and blocks close to each other
  • Privacy and protection against sunrays.
  • Support universal wall or ceiling brackets
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Resistance to weather factors (sun, wind and rain) and quick drying
  • Sunscreen up to 90% ultraviolet light
  • Polyethylene waterproof material, no rain