Awnings in Santa Pola


The beautiful city of Santa Pola is located on the coast, in the south of the province of Alicante, about 7 kilometers from the capital and is one of the most important places on the Costa Blanca.

It has a Mediterranean-type climate, where spring is constantly experienced with an average annual temperature of around 18º C, making Santa Pola an ideal place to visit, enjoy its environment through leisure and recreation regardless of the date. of the year.

Its physical landscape is made up of 3 elements that are: The Sierra de Santa Pola, the coastal strip that has a very diverse morphology that goes from the low cliff to the sandy beach.

Likewise, crossing the fossil dunes where Las Salinas are located, which are known for being a natural park of enormous faunal and ecological value.

The city offers a very varied, unique and rich natural environment. Its beaches are among the outstanding natural places and, in addition, its places stand out throughout the country, with the places of the Sierra, the Cape and the Salinas as the most important.

It is remarkable that Santa Pola has become a place of great value for Spain, being visited by thousands of people every year and the influence of these has generated a clear economic growth, therefore, there are more and more businesses in urban centers. and tourist.

One of the current strategies to attract customers is to apply a design that suits the needs of customers and their tastes, so a decorative and practical element that serves to succeed in increasing sales are awnings.

The importance of awnings in Santa Pola goes beyond being simple elements to decorate, but apart from adding character to the space, they help protect both the business and the clients from the sun, rain and wind.

Models of Awnings in Santa Pola

Living in an attic is the dream of many people. Having a large space at home and a large terrace where you can enjoy the sunlight is very tempting. This type of housing presupposes having a lot of light, good views and little noise from the street and the neighbours. In addition to being able to enjoy a large terrace where you can spend your free time and receive your long-awaited friends any day of the week at the best times of the year. But not everything are advantages. Exposure to inclement weather is greater in this type of housing. Fighting extreme winter temperatures in some areas means having to consider investing in good insulation. But, having a good protection solution is also essential to cover that terrace. We will not be comfortable in winter or summer if we do not have optimal conditions to acclimatize this privileged intimate and personal space. If you prefer not to opt for a complete enclosure and want to always be able to remove the awning to enjoy the horizon without barriers, read on. We explain below all the details about the installation of pergolas on the terrace of your attic.
When you have an outdoor space in a hospitality business, applying an enclosure through any type of tent or awning means increasing its profitability in a more than considerable wayIncreasing the square meters of capacity of the clientele corresponds in the 100% of cases with an increase in sales. Taking care of diners with comfortable and quality spaces is almost as important as offering a good range of products, don’t you think? At Toldos Costa Blanca we not only have models for the winter period, but also different types of awnings for bars that will guarantee the usability of the space throughout the year. It is the smartest way to get the most out of the business.
It is an awning system with invisible arms specially designed for placement on small and medium-sized balconies. Its small supports and its meticulous design give this awning a very refined finish. It is also possible to install invisible awnings on terraces that have to cover large areas. This system, in one of its variants, allows exits of up to 5 meters, although it must be taken into account that not all places where this awning must be anchored of invisible arms are fit for it.
If you are looking for terrace awnings, you are in the right place. Toldos Costa Blanca is the only company in the sector that has a Quality Certification for all its products and installations, no other company can currently provide this certification and our more than 25 years of experience guarantee us.

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These are just some of the examples of awnings that we can manufacture in our workshop, we make any type of awning, whether to install on windows, swimming pools or terraces. Both for individuals and businesses. We design and adapt each of the works we carry out to the needs of our clients. To create comfortable outdoor spaces that will improve your quality of life, while increasing the value of your home or business.

We are the only company that installs awnings in Alicante and has the ISO quality certification. All our awnings are accompanied by a guarantee that is delivered in writing once the installation is done.

If you need an awning company in Alicante, you can contact us, we will advise you and provide the best sun protection solution for both your home and your business.