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Awnings in Santa Pola

Awnings in Santa Pola

Toldos Costa Blanca is a consolidated company in the awning sector, we have been manufacturing custom awnings for our clients for more than 40 years. If you need an awning for your home or business, we have a wide variety of models available to suit different locations.


Awnings for patios

Pergolas, sail awnings, fixed or mobile pergolas (palillerias). Anchored to walls or ceilings or with its own structure, to create a partially or totally shaded patio. A good solution in places like Santa Pola, where the summer sun shines so strongly.


Awnings for terraces

Improving your terrace with an awning, to create a new environment or area can be a great idea. Use vertical awnings or create spaces with bioclimatic pergolas, a luxury for your home or business.


Awnings for windows

Installing awnings on windows and doors will improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. You will save on your electricity bill by improving energy consumption.

And a variety of designs:

Sail awnings

Box awnings


Bioclimatic pergolas

We have the newest designs, as well as the most traditional models. Let us know what your needs are in terms of shade and we will present the best solutions, we will advise you the best solar protection solution and enjoy the open spaces of your home or business.


We work very close to you

We are manufacturers of awnings and our workshop is located in the town of Santa Pola 03130 (Elche). We offer a comprehensive service, since we ourselves design, manufacture and install each of the awnings to offer the best quality in each of our facilities.

Therefor we offer a great service and attention to detail. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is our best marketing tool, we offer a personalized service at the highest standard of our products.


Custom design of awnings in Santa Pola

Fully personalized projects, adjusted to the needs of the area where they are going to be placed and always listening to the tastes and preferences of our clients. The wide variety of canvases and structures that we have in our catalogue means that we have a vast variety of designs available covering any type of need.

Design, comfort and careful aesthetics to improve the spaces in which we make our Installations.


We guarantee our installations

Each of our awnings is made with the highest quality materials, and throughout these years of experience we have improved our products, acquiring a large number of certificates that are a guarantee of the care and commitment that we put in distinguishing ourselves for the quality and good work in our installations.

We also offer a written guarantee in order to assure our customers of the durability and quality of our products.


Do you need an new awning or a replacement of the ones you already have?

If you are in Santa Pola, and you need to renew the canvases of your awnings or you want to make a new installation, with Toldos Costa Blanca you will find the best quality / price ratio on the market. Just get in touch with us through our phone: 966 845 800; our team of technicians will be happy to help you.

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