Hood awning

If you're looking for an awning option that combines a classic or vintage design with functionality, let us introduce you to the hood awnings. Recognized for their semi-spherical shape, these awnings are a visually striking option. This type of hood awnings are ideal for windows and balconies, often used in shops and restaurants, as they offer a highly attractive and classic aesthetic. Moreover, their colors and designs are customizable, so you can perfectly adapt them to any kind of environment.

Why do businesses often choose hood awnings?

These awnings began to be used for their advantages against inclement weather. Their shape is ideal for sheltering from the rain, as well as protecting the premises from the sun, preventing it from overheating. Currently, it is the most widely used type of awning in all kinds of businesses. Furthermore, the combination of design, utility, and tradition has made the majority of street-level businesses opt for this type of awning, which we can customize to your liking. All these awnings have the following characteristics.

Protection against inclement weather

Having a partially closed shape, the hoods prevent direct light from entering our business. Additionally, they create a kind of very cozy arcade where customers can protect themselves from the weather. In this sense, they are better than other types of awnings to protect against rain. Their bulging shape prevents customers from getting wet when it's windy in addition to raining.

Aesthetics combined with tradition

Hood awnings are very common in businesses, which means they have great acceptance among owners and customers. However, one of their main advantages is that they are very colorful. That's why they are very suitable to attract the attention of potential customers and pedestrians.

High-quality manufacturing materials

The materials they are made of are not only very durable, but they also come in a wide range of colors. Thus, these awnings are perfect for displaying corporate colors, as well as logos and other drawings, patterns, or designs. Additionally, the shape of these awnings allows us to gain a space on the street, and they are visible from all directions, being equipped with a front and sides. This is probably the reason why hood awnings were so successful among merchants.

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