Vertical awnings

If you want protection from the Sun and rain while combining privacy and style, we recommend getting vertical awnings. At Toldoscostablanca, we offer solutions to transform any of your outdoor spaces, making them cozier and more sheltered. Our exterior vertical awnings stand out for their contemporary and functional design. Enjoy the outdoors all year round with this type of awning, as it's an effective barrier against the elements.

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About Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings are specifically designed to withstand the direct impact of the sun without deteriorating their material. Vertical awnings are very similar to awnings for windows, in fact, we often refer to the same product. These awnings are made from transparent PVC fabrics that are highly durable, allowing sunlight into your home or business. They are ideal for providing visibility to the outside, creating a warm yet comfortable atmosphere. If you need to protect the balcony or terrace of your business from wind or rain without losing visibility, a transparent vertical awning is undoubtedly a perfect choice. They are highly adaptable and configurable, working in conjunction with a pergola-like structure or anchored directly to the balcony or terrace railing.

Protect Your Outdoor Space with a Vertical Awning

In every hospitality business where we need an appropriate external shade area, the best solution is always to use custom awnings. In this case, we recommend vertical awnings with side guides that help workers adapt them to the terrace easily. These transparent awnings serve a fundamental purpose as they allow visualization of diners from inside, without losing the comfort of being isolated from air currents and direct sunlight. Also, as we mentioned, the guides allow it to be retracted without leaving any obstructions in our workspace. Such vertical awnings act as windbreaks when attached to a U-shaped pergola structure, protecting users from the wind. You can see the installation and expansion of a restaurant terrace with these awnings in the following video:

Install Vertical Awnings with Guides in Your Home Too

Sometimes, we encounter situations where we need a shaded area in our home, without losing the view of the exterior and without forgoing a certain amount of sunlight, to avoid increased electricity costs for lighting. For this, we have state-of-the-art transparent vertical awnings, tailored to homes with the same benefits as those we regularly install in hospitality businesses. Vertical awnings only require ceiling installation, with no need for side guides for their extension, thus preventing obstructions in the shaded area. Moreover, they stay in place thanks to the weight at the lower end of the fabric, which can be secured with metal arms if necessary, ensuring strong gusts of wind don't disturb them. Therefore, a transparent vertical awning can be an ideal option for a balcony, pergola, terrace, or window in our home.

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