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From Toldos Costa Blanca we know perfectly that taking the decision to install an awning in a house, is a difficult process in which it's necessary to compare different products, so that our sun protection system has an optimum quality and, we can last the greater time.

For us, the quality in our products is one of the biggest commitments we have with our customers, and our more than forty years dedicating ourselves to the manufacture and installation of awnings in the province of Alicante endorse us.

But not only that's what makes our sun protection systems of exceptional quality, but in 2014, at Toldos Costa Blanca, we obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

What is ISO 9001 Quality Certification?

It's the standard on quality management by the most recognized companies around the world.

This helps different organizations to meet the needs of customers in the most efficient way, as far as quality of products and services are concerned.

This ISO 9001 management system allows us to continuously monitor the quality in all our processes, both for manufacturing and installation of our awnings.

Quality and commitment to our customers

In addition to the ISO 9011 Quality Certification, we are strictly in compliance with the European safety regulations UNE EN 13561 (CE Marking), which guarantees maximum security in the installation of our products.

Therefore, in Toldos Costa Blanca, quality is a personal commitment we have with our customers.

All our awnings have a certified quality guarantee that we deliver in writing at the end of each job, along with a user manual.

In addition, our customers can fill out a customer satisfaction survey, where they can value from the customer service process to the final installation of their shadow system.

Our advice is: to avoid future problems with your awning, require this type of certifications to the installation company.

Scope of action

In Toldos Costa Blanca we have spent more than forty years dedicating ourselves to the manufacture and installation of awnings throughout the province of Alicante.

Our main clients belong to the areas of Marina Alta, so if you want to install your awnings in Denia, Javea, Moraira, Altea, Benissa ... etc, we can do it without any problems.

Contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at: info@toldoscostablanca.com. We will be happy to help!

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