The restaurants with terraces are the perfect claim for clients


We recognize it without prejudice. We like the terraces. At any time of year. The bars and restaurants with terraces are one of the essential traditions in Spain. The Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the province of Alicante makes it possible, in much of the country, to enjoy an outdoor terrace practically all year round. We have a large number of sunny months that make it possible to eat, dine or have a drink on the street. Anyone can participate and enjoy this tradition. The tourists that visit us, immediately sign up and make it a habit.

The possibilities of Terraceo

It is a habit so ingrained that it has its own verb. Terracear.: Exit of terraceo is a perfect Sunday plan with friends or family. More and more restaurants are catering to the fashion of the terrace. Curiously, in the sector, its use began to be generalized as a resource before the Anti-Tobacco Law, which prohibited smoking inside the premises. The terraces remained as a space for smoking clients. But, little by little, they were occupying all kinds of public.

An attractive and well-conditioned terrace is a perfect claim that increases the economic activity of the premises. There is a wide variety of elements to create a comfortable terrace that welcomes its customers. The awnings for restaurants and pergolas are one of the essential elements for any terrace.

A vertical awning with transparent window is an ideal choice as a small extra dining room in a restaurant. An elegant and very luminous resource that can be used both in summer and in winter. Its great success is the inclusion of a protective nautical box that collects the canvas and protects it from the elements, guaranteeing its durability.

Another great success to create a pleasant terrace space is the pergola of goal. It adapts to any space with great versatility and is composed of a simple structure of two posts that are anchored to the wall and the floor. Through a few guides, the protective canvas extends. A comfortable and easy to install system.

The classic four-post pergola is one of the most common elements in any bar or restaurant terrace. It is an enclosure that adapts to different areas, so it is advisable to use it in commercial premises with an open area. Very convenient to protect from the sun, especially in the summer. It has an elegant and attractive finish, perfect for the terrace of a restaurant.

Another system, indicated if we do not have vertical anchor points as poles or already has a complete structure, is the pergola with anchor to the wall. The guides can be anchored to the wall or ceiling and the shade fabric slides easily. It is collected without difficulty and is folded for future uses.

These are just some of the options that exist for restaurants with terraces. A perfect claim to attract customers throughout the year and make our business profitable. The most practical solution and at the best price to enjoy a large terrace.

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