The eternal conflict of the installation of awnings in communities


Is well-known conflicts that involve the installation of awnings in the facades and balconies in most of the communities from neighbourings. The possibility that the aesthetics of the building will be altered, the choice of awning color or their model tend to be the main reasons for friction.

Fix the problem if there are statutes or failing a regulation of internal regime whereby contemplating everything related to the installation of awnings and walls in terraces and balconies.

If we do not have such statutes, see what solutions can deliver:

Do I need permission from the community to install an awning?

You need the permission of the majority of the 3/5 parts of the owners to be an alteration of the aesthetics of the horizontal property. It should be included in the agenda of the Board and is not viable if it is in the turn of prayers and questions.

Can I choose the model and color of the canopy I want?

As in the previous paragraph above the installation of awnings, is required the approval of 3/5 parts of owners to avoid problems in the courts since there are sentences that they require such approval that consider it an aesthetic alteration of the property.

Can I make an enclosure on my balcony?

As in the previous section on the installation of awnings, it is necessary the approval of 3/5 parts of the owners to avoid problems before the courts since there are sentences that force that approval because they consider that it is an a esthetic alteration of the property.

What steps must be followed to get permission to install an awning?

There is that report to the President of the community to include in the order of the day of it together, can be us same who call it together, not can be in the paragraph of pleas and questions. If the Board is denies to the installation can resort is before the courts.

This type of agreements not will be necessary if already exist enclosures above to the formation of the community.

If we decided to install a canopy or enclosure is not of more information in the municipal offices on the obligation or otherwise of obtaining municipal permits by alteration of facade, can incur any fine if we don't.

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