Tense Shade Sail: what I needed to know


There are several options that allow to protect an area from the sun and other atmospheric conditions. Creating spaces through the placement of awnings is not only intended to serve as a defense, but can also function as a differentiator of areas or have an aesthetic purpose. Among the different types of awnings available, the taut sail stands out as one of the most versatile.

Awnings for terraces

The task of protecting a terrace can be carried out by different elements, depending on the characteristics of the area and aesthetic preference of each one. Extendable awnings, for example, are ideal for private use, since they allow to be placed or removed with great ease. For catering establishments, however, the pergolas may be more interesting, since they clearly delimit the space that belongs to the terrace of the premises.

Tensed shade sails, on the other hand, are characterized by great versatility, which makes them adaptable to practically any circumstance.

This type of awnings is a novel option to produce shadows and protect selected areas from inclement weather. They consist of stretched canvases that are suspended from masts or anchor plates arranged along the surface to be protected. Its modular structure allows you to customize the extension, so it adapts easily to the characteristics of the specific area.

The fabric that projects the shadow is made of technical fabrics (usually PVC or polyester). This class of fabrics is characterized by being an excellent sunscreen, since it absorbs almost all of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

Tightened sails are a type of awning that works perfectly in open spaces and terraces. Depending on their arrangement, they can be used to create different zones in an outdoor space. Thanks to the curvature of its sides, the sail surface remains tensed. This is how a constant shadow is projected and resistant to atmospheric conditions. In addition, not being placed completely horizontal, the accumulations of water on the surface are avoided

They can be used to provide shade in a private garden, next to a swimming pool, although they are also useful to protect the terrace of a restaurant at any time of the year.

This simple structure perfectly combines the most avant-garde contemporary aesthetics of textile architecture with the functionality and practicality of its design. In addition to the versatility and solar protection it offers, among the advantages of tensioned sahde sails, there is also the porosity of its surface, which allows the transpiration of the protected area and creates a fresh and pleasant environment.

The design of this type of taut candles is inspired by naval technology and reminds of the sails of the ships. The maritime style of these structures has a great aesthetic value based on the simplicity of its perfectly functional forms.

Carrying out the concrete design of each tensioned sail structure requires a careful study of the characteristics of the surface to be protected and the atmospheric conditions of the area. Consult us, we advise you and you can start designing the perfect awning for your outdoor space.

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