Shade sails to protect terraces and gardens

May 23, 2018


A little more than a month before the summer begins, there are many people who are already thinking about adapting their terraces to enjoy outdoor dinners or pool evenings with friends. Who does not feel like enjoying good weather in a pleasant environment? However, the sun can become a problem, by exposing the outdoor spaces of our home constantly to its exposure, so that shade sails become a great option to protect terraces and gardens, maintaining a pleasant aesthetic that accompanies To that space of your home.


Shade sails are one of the most versatile options, since in addition to protecting the area from the sun, they have aesthetic purposes, which will allow us to have a terrace or a pleasant garden, protected from direct sun and that is part of the space itself.


Why are the shade sails for terraces or gardens the best options?


There are several reasons why the shade sail is one of the best options you can count on for your terrace or garden, but there is a fundamental reason: this type of awning has the ability to adapt to virtually any circumstance. In addition, it is one of the most innovative models to protect terraces and gardens from the sun and other weather conditions.


The mechanism consists of a set of canvases suspended from masts or anchor plates and arranged in a tensioned manner. The supports are arranged along the surface that is intended to be protected, to which it adapts easily, thanks to the fact that we are talking about a modular structure.


Although the model can be installed motorized, detachable or fixed, the latter is recommended, since its design is not intended to withstand winds at speeds that are too high.


In the case of opting for a system that is not fixed, a study should be carried out to calculate the wind force, adapting the installation process and preventing any type of accident. Therefore, having professionals in the sector to advise you when installing shade sail will be a guarantee of success for you.

The shade sail is optimized to protect from the sun


The materials with which the canvas is manufactured are usually PVC or polyester, which are characterized by having a high capacity for protection against ultraviolet rays. The tissue is able to retain up to 97% of the incident rays, known to be quite harmful to health.


Because we are talking about a strongly tensioned fabric, we can assume the lack of accumulation of water on its surface and the projection of a constant shadow. In addition, we must take into account the ability of the tensioned shade sail to create pleasant and fresh environments, thanks to the porosity of its surface.

Aesthetic value and avant-garde design


In addition to being a very functional element, it offers us an avant-garde style of the most contemporary. Its design is based on naval technology, thus resembling the sails of ships and offering us simple and perfectly planned ways to carry out its function.


In addition, thanks to its modular design they can be used to create different zones within the same area. Sail awnings are ideal for creating spare areas in any private garden or next to the pool, but they are also suitable to protect the terraces of the premises from the sun.


Accompany your garden or terrace, along with furniture and natural elements, such as plants and flowers, and create a unique space in your home where you will want to spend every free time this summer.


In Toldos Costa Blanca you will find the best shade sails to protect terraces and gardens. In addition, you will not have to worry about its installation, since we have a team of installers and commercials that will do it, taking into account the possibilities of anchoring and the orientation of the area.


Toldos Costa Blanca has the best professionals in the sector, certified manufacturers and installers with more than 40 years of experience and commitment to quality and efficiency. This summer get in touch with us, we will advise you. Call us 900 010 802!

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