Shade Sails in Santa Pola


Work consisting of two tensioned shade sails whose shadow surface protects users of the playground from the sun.

It has six posts with certified shoes to withstand the tension of the ends of the sail. Keep in mind that the sail get their shape through the tension exerted on each of its ends. That tension can be at one of its very high extremes.

The tension is effected by means of nautical tensioners placed in each of the points of the tensioned sail. In the same way they carry all safety chains that would keep the sail attached to the pole in the event that the tensioner failed, thus protecting the product and avoiding accidents.

Santa Pola has since 1558 a fortress castle located in the center of the town. It has been remodeled and restored in various phases and has been perfectly preserved thanks to the various corporations that have been maintaining it. Headquarters of several museums such as the museum of the sea and the chapel of the Virgin of Loreto, patron saint of the town.

Tensioned sails in Santa Pola

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