Sails of shadow on your garde, why to intall them.


Does your home has a large garden, and you feel rabies because you can´t enjoy it while all the year because the sun or rain? Using sails of shadow this problem will desapear!

To install sails of shadow on your home terrace it can gives to you many advantajes like: versatility, style, protection, distinction, etc. We want to let you knoe them!

In Toldos Costa Blanca we have more than 40 year doing desing, instalation, producing all kind of awning and sail of shadow in Alicante province, towns like: Albir, Altea, Benidorm, Jávea, Morarira, Villajoyosa, Santa Pola, etc.

Por ello, queremos que apuntes nuestros consejos para escoger de entre todas las opciones de sistemas de protección que tenemos en nuestro catálogo cuál es la que mejor se va a adaptar a las necesidades de tu vivienda.

We therefor would lile you take note of some councils to can chose between all options we have in our catalogue, because now you know thich one fit better about your preferece.

In this case, sails of shadow can be a very good option to ejoy your garden but even it brings you some kind of desing and distinction.

Sails of shadow are one of the most versatile protection system that exist actually on the market as they will adapt to any surface. But this is just one of the advantajes that it systema protection has, and we´d like you know them.

Advantages of sails awning for your garden.


As its name suggests, sails awning are designed specially to beat the heat and protect us from the solar rays over the summer month, as the fabric is made specially to stop over the 98% of the UV rays.

But those are not just goin to protect us from the heat, on winter time is no necessary to roll it up.

This kind of sail awning, can resist the inclemenci of the weather, but they are not prepared againts the high winds, but if it would be something very necessary, we can study the case.

To create your own sail awning, it will brings a unique and differten style to your garden.


If you chose big size sail awning, you will create aprivate area on the exterior of your home, where you will can enjoy your relax and leisure times with your family or friends.

Have you decided which one is the perfect option for your terrace? Is it a sail awning? Great choise! Now you just need to contact us to can help you and advise you to see what your home need.

You can call us to 966 845 800 or send us an email to:, We´ll be waiting for you!

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