Protect your terrace from the heat with a Veranda Awning.


Do you have a porch, a glassed-in garden or an attic with glass ceilings? Do you love enjoying them but, at certain times, you can not stand the heat? Consider installing a veranda awning so that it doesn't happen again!

If you want to install your awnings in Alicante, from Toldos Costa Blanca, we can advise you on the type of awning ideal according to your needs.

Therefore, if your problem is the heat, we know that what you need is a veranda awning, besides protecting us from the sun's rays, has the function of regulating the temperature of the area of the house that we want to protect.

Do you think it's impossible to place a system of awnings under a glass or polycarbonate surface? You are very wrong! When you know all the features of the veranda awning type, you'll want to have known them before. We assure you!

Features of veranda awnings

First, before you know all the features of this type of awnings, you must know what a veranda awning is.

The description of a veranda is: an open gallery, with columns, usually roofed, built around a central structure. Normally, it's surrounded by a railing and is located in the front or sides of a structure.

This system of awnings, as already mentioned above, allows to be placed under a glass or polycarbonate roof.

Once known all this. Let's begin to detail all the advantages that can offer you!

Heat insiders

Its main function is not only to protect us from the sun, but thanks to its canvas, this system of awnings is a great insulator of the heat.

This is thanks to the fact that between the canvas and the enclosure are a few centimeters in the middle, so there's always a chamber of air in the middle, thus achieving a heat insulation.

In the area of the Marina Alta, especially in summer, the heat in many moments becomes unbearable.

So, if you have a home in cities like Javea, Moraira, Altea, Benissa or Denia ... You're in luck! Because in Toldos Costa Blanca we have been manufacturing and installing awnings in these areas for more than 40 years.

So we know perfectly the climatic characteristics and needs of protection that our clients need of these zones.


In Toldos Costa Blanca, we offer you the option of installing it with a domotic element that allows its scheduled opening and closing.


There are three different types of fixing, depending on the needs and characteristics of each house. These awnings can be anchored to the floor, ceiling or wall.


In addition to being able to choose the motorization of your veranda awning, you can customize it by choosing your: color, canvas, opening, inclination, complements ... etc.


Thanks to the fact that it can be picked up or extended, you can still enjoy the views of the surroundings of your home without any problems.

Design and style

Once the awning is opened, the canvas appears to be suspended in the air, bringing a touch of design, sophistication, elegance and modernity.

Do you think it's the ideal awning for your home? Contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at: and, together, we will get to work!

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