Pergolas with sliding awning

The pergolas with sliding awning are highly adaptable, can be made of different materials and allow shading over a wide area. The different finishes make them adaptable to any environment and can be integrated or fundamental part of the design of any terrace or outdoor area.

Retractable awnings or sliding awning for pergolas are one of the most popular for their quality/price ratio. Aluminum palillerias /pergolas are a simple solution that integrates easily into any type of structure.

Thanks to the pergolas with sliding awnings, you will get a renewed space and enjoy sun protection in your garden, patio or terrace. Bellow we will indicate which models of pergolas are the most popular with customers.

Pérgolas con toldo corredero

Types of pergolas with sliding awning according to material.

The sliding awnings can be adapted to any type of pergola or palillería. Depending on the type of pergola, different guide systems will be used.

Wooden pergolas with sliding awning

This types of pergolas with are very decorative, creating a relaxing and pleasant environment wherever they are installed.

Regarding the guides, it is usually hidden in the crossbars of the structure, leaving them hidden from view so that it does not affect the aesthetics of the wooden pergola.

This type of pergola with sliding awnings are usually manual, activated by a system of pulleys and ropes. However, we find cases of customers who want the automation in this type of awnings, then of course it is also possible.

Metal pergolas with sliding awning

Metal pergolas can be made with different materials, either iron or aluminium. Its design is modern and current, in addition the metal can be lacquered in the colour that the client prefers.

Adding the finishes and textures that best adapt to the decoration or design of the space where the installation will take place.

As in the case of wooden pergolas, we can include motorized or manual actuation. In this case the guides are integrated into the metal structure, in the crosspieces of the pergola.

Pérgolas con toldo corredero

Types of pergolas with sliding awning according to its installation

Sliding awnings for pergolas can also be installed taking advantage of existing structures. This is the case of installations between walls or columns.

Pérgolas con toldo correderoThis type of awnings are fully integrated into the structure of the place where they are installed, offering aesthetic, functional and current results.

Pérgolas con toldo corredero

Pergolas with sliding awning depending on the type of drive

In this case we find two types of drives, the manual type and the motorized type.


In the case of manual actuation, the mechanism is very simple as it is carried out using a pulley system. As a result, to operate the handles they can be installed wherever it is most convenient.

There is a double cord that permits extension and retraction of the awning.


In this case the guides are mechanized, the motor that drives the system is usually hidden in the back of the pergola with the intension of making it as less visible as possible.

In addition to the motorization, other elements such as wind and rain sensors can be added.

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