Pergolas to enjoy life outdoors

It is important that our home has pleasant spaces at any time of the year. With the arrival of heat, we began to look for ideas to protect our terrace or garden with pergolas: a solution that adapts whatever our space is.

 The 4 best pergolas and awnings to enjoy the summer

 Looking for furniture that adapts to weather conditions or plants that give the style we want to our garden is increasingly common. And we all seek to create beautiful spaces in our house where you can enjoy life outdoors. Among the best solutions, the pergolas. These have become a great solution to create unique spaces in which we protect spaces from the sun and improve the aesthetics of the place. Which pergola is the most appropriate in each case?

The two-post pergola

 The two-post pergola is the most common among all options. It is formed by an aluminum structure with guides that extend and collect the awning very easily. If we want something economical but functional, this is ours.

 In addition, they will allow you to combine it with the space you have created in your garden or terrace, protecting you from the sun and creating a less hot and more pleasant environment.

 The pergola between walls

 As the name implies, the pergola between walls is located between them, without posts. It is the perfect pergola for places where we want to take advantage of the structure of our house (walls). They fit into space by merging with it and bringing a natural style to our home.

 If the structure that follows your terrace or garden is of this type, they will help you integrate the protection you need without the need to incorporate complicated structures, but taking full advantage of space and resources.

 The pergola with four or more posts

 The four-post or more pergola has the advantage that it can be installed anywhere in the garden that has a wall. It has infinite possibilities according to the needs of the space, and even allows you to add vertical awnings with or without a window on the sides, creating more protected and even more aesthetic spaces. It is also a type of pergola, ideal for bar terraces with a firm structure.

 Flat awnings or pergolas

 Flat awnings or pergolas are the ideal solution for houses where we have no anchor points. The main advantage is that they can be placed in any space without problems. In the center of a terrace or garden, for example. Also, they can be uninstalled more easily than other models. In addition, they have the option of putting them motorized.

 How can we customize our pergolas and awnings?

 It is common to ask how to get the style we are looking for for that outdoor space in our house. Customizing it and creating a pleasant space will make spending free time in this place of the home much more pleasant, and the possibilities to create an elegant space are endless.

 First, choose the pergola model you need to protect the space from the sun. Each pergola model can be adapted to all styles by choosing the canvas model (color, shape, etc.), the material (for example, pergolas in imitation wood) and with vertical awnings withor windows on its sides.

 On the other hand, there are other elements that you can use to decorate and personalize this space, such as with vine-type plants on the posts, for a bucolic and fresh air, or with lanterns or torches to create very cozy spaces during the night, for example .

 In addition, furniture is essential for our pergola to acquire the personality we are looking for. Wooden tables and chairs, for a rustic style, in bamboo for a somewhat bohemian vintage air, or in wrought iron for a very Mediterranean style. It is easy to find countless ideas on the Internet, since it is increasingly desired to have an outdoor space for our home.

 In Toldos Costa Blanca you can find the best pergolas for the home. Visit our website and find the pergola that best suits your needs, to help you build that outdoor space you want in your home.

 Our professionals will advise you on everything you need, guaranteeing the best quality in the market. Call us 900 010 802!

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