Our help to the hospitality industry.

Our support for the hospitality industry

We know that due to the health crisis to which we are exposed, these days are difficult for our hospitality industry. Your great efforts, your commitment and your dedication are undermined by a virus that is spreading and difficult to contain.

We think that the hospitality industry has been severely penalized, despite having taken the necessary measures to overcome the pandemic. Citizens have to be responsible so that our bars and restaurants can return to work as soon as possible, with a responsible de-escalation, in order to continue offering us their services.

Bars and restaurants have always been very important in our culture, it is where we meet our friends, coffee before going to work, beer afterwards and family meals on weekends. We miss it….

Our help to the hospitality industry.

From Toldos Costa Blanca we want to help the hospitality industry by offering them a series of discounts on all our products and services. Total financing and advice.
We cannot do more than prepare ourselves, with enthusiasm, for what we hope will be a de-escalation and a summer free of restrictions.
In which all of us are willing to enjoy our bars, restaurants and hospitality in general, but now with more enthusiasm than ever and with full responsibility.
We are in the final stretch and now we cannot and must not give up. Nothing will defeat us, we will be together again, stronger than ever.

Our help to the hospitality industry

If you are a hotelier and you want to take advantage of our offer, you just have to contact us.

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