Ideas to close your terrace

Sep 24, 2018

The terrace of your home or business is a place that you can take advantage of if you know how. The awnings to close your terrace provide undoubted advantages to take into account, because they will help you gain space, take advantage of it and enjoy it. The terraces and large balconies of houses, apartments and hotel establishments are very appropriate places to close, because you can give them greater utility and not have them only as an ornament or place of passage.

This space in a private house helps create a new room, but in a restaurant, bar or restaurant, the awnings to close your terrace extend the commercial use of it, because they serve to install tables as indoors and you can have more accounts and commands at the end of the day.


Why use nautical awnings?

The awnings that work best in these cases are box awnings. Ensure excellent conservation of the elements used for closure because it includes a mechanism that facilitates its implementation and pickup at the desired time and with great speed. In this way the place is better protected from rain, wind and hail, even if it appears suddenly. Whether to keep the awning rolled over a long period of time, it is perfectly secured and danger of the mechanism deteriorates.


Advantages of enclosures with nautical awnings


1 They help to achieve an adequate climate at each time of the year in your home or premises. In winter, the awning prevents both wind and rain, without counting that, when closed, it retains a better temperature. This allows to use this space also on cold and hot days, which is especially attractive for restaurants and bars, which can thus continue to offer a terrace area to customers regardless of the cold of winter. On the other hand, in summer, the upper awning provides shade to use during the day, in addition to letting the air circulate without obstacles and you can continue offering your outdoor services without fear that the terrace does not occupy itself by the high temperatures .


2 Especially in cities, but also in homes and premises that are located near busy streets or highways, allow to delimit and isolate the space, in addition to reducing the amount of noise that comes from outside. Thus, we also facilitate the well-being and comfort of the people in the house or business customers.


3 Another important advantage of the awnings to close your terrace, is that they contribute to the saving of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, since they close the spaces where the cold enters or provide shade by letting the air pass when it is hot.


4 In addition to avoiding rain and wind, they also get less dust and, in coastal areas, the humidity of the sea breeze and the sand that drag windy days.


5 They take advantage of spaces, but providing a feeling of spaciousness and openness in them, since it can be closed with a transparent, translucent material or with prints that allow the entry of light, while providing privacy.


In Toldos Costa Blanca, the nautical awnings that we offer you adapt to any space and shape that you want to define, adjust to the measures you want and can be customized. There are availability of various materials and prints according to personal preferences and the use that they want to give them. They allow to close one, several or all sides, as well as the ceiling, fastened on aluminum rails to the ceiling or between walls of the highest quality.

When installing awnings to close your terrace, trust the best professionals, who guarantee both materials and installation following the strictest quality standards. If you want more information to install a nautical awning with the best professionals in the sector, call us!

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