How to take advantage of my terrace all year round? With protective awnings!


Are you the people who like to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home year-round? Can not you do everything you would like because of inclement weather? That should no longer be a problem for you!

In Toldos Costa Blanca we have been manufacturing and installing more than 40 years, especially in areas of the Marina Alta such as Altea, Denia, Javea, Benissa or Moraira, and we can assure you that there are a multitude of awnings that will allow you to enjoy your terrace during all seasons of the year.

How? There are systems of protective awnings, whose materials are high resistance to both wind and rain.

This will allow us to enjoy the exterior spaces of our home during all seasons of the year, as they withstand any inclement weather in winter, and shelter us from the sun's rays in summer.

Do you want to know what these types of awnings are and which one is best suited to your needs? Keep reading, in this article we tell you everything!

Protective awnings to take advantage of my garden all year round

Pergola between walls

It is a versatile awning system, as it adapts to any surface because the legs are not necessary for installation, it only needs to be anchored to two guides or walls.

Pergola between walls Being anchored to the structure of the house, they have a high resistance both to rain and wind. In addition, it is possible to install curtains to guard against these inclement weather, always depending on whether the structure allows.

They are also very useful in summer, as they protect our home from the direct rays of the sun, which causes the temperature to be regulated inside the house.

Veranda awnings

If you have a glazed terrace or an attic with glass ceilings veranda awnings are one of the perfect protective awning systems for your home.

This type of awnings allow their placement under a glass roof, protecting our home from the sun's rays in summer, and if we have the crystals open in winter, they resist perfectly the climatic changes.

In addition, they can be installed with a domotic element that allows the programmed opening and closing of these.

Vertical awnings (with or without window)

Vertical awnings they are a type of vertical drop awning, which can carry window to enjoy the views of the exteriors of our home.

If you decide on this type of protective awnings, you can combine their use to create different types of environments:

In winter, it is ideal to realize a closing of a space and to use it like a stay more of the home.

In summer, to create a relaxing area where both children and adults can enjoy.

Have you made up your mind about any of them? If you do not know which one is the best that will meet your needs, contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at:

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