How to protect outdoor furniture in winter?


Do you have several pieces of furniture in the garden of your house that make you afraid of spoiling in the winter months because of the rains and the wind? Do you know that the incidence of the sun can also damage them? We have the solution to the wear of the outdoor furniture of your home ... And it isn't to remove them from your garden!

When we put furniture in the outdoor areas of our home, we do it to decorate that space. So It's a heavy task to have to remove them every time it rains or it's very windy.

But we are going to tell you a secret: There are different types of awnings that can protect your outdoor furniture from the inclement weather without having to remove them!

In Toldos Costa Blanca we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of awnings in the province of Alicante, especially in areas such as: Benissa, Moraira, Javea, Altea or Denia.

For this reason, and because of the great experience we have in this area, we know the concerns of our clients and we want to advise you on what is best in these cases for your home.

Do you want to know which are the ideal awnings to protect your outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy them at all times of the year? We tell you!

Awnings to protect outdoor furniture

Veranda Awnings

These awnings allow us to create a kind of porch in our home, protecting our furniture from the rainwater and stopping its wear.

The particularity of this protection system is that it's mobile, that is because it can be opened or closed by a remote control.

In addition, it's possible to place it under a glass or PVC roof, preventing the sun from entering or letting it pass.


When you read this, you have surely thought that we have gone crazy, since this type of protection system is open on all sides.

Well, it's not like that! It is possible to add curtains, with or without a window in them, preventing the pass of wind and rainwater. And you can remove these in summer

In addition, it's one of the most versatile awning systems, since it adapts to almost any surface.

Curtain awnings with nautical box

It's a vertical drop awning system, which can carry transparent windows depending on the tastes and needs of the client.

It's very resistant to inclement weather, as the nautical box protects the canvas from them.

In addition, it allows us to create different types of environment depending on the season in which we find ourselves: in winter we can use the space closed by this awning as a separate room on the outside of our home and in summer you can create a more intimate space .

These are our recommendations to protect your outdoor furniture in winter and, thus, be able to enjoy them throughout the year! Don't you know for which one to decide? Don't worry! Contact us by pone: 966 845 800 or sending an email to: and we will advise you.

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