How to get a custom awning

At Toldos Costa Blanca we are manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers tailored awnings. Our team of professionals come to your home to take the necessary measures to install the awning in the place you want and advise you to choose the system that best suits your needs and space.

Types of custom awnings at your disposal

Our catalog of custom awnings is very wide: sails, palillerias, pergolas, curtain awnings, hoods, stor arm awnings, invisible arms, box awnings, tunnels, upholstery.

We install custom awnings on balconies, windows terraces, gardens, businesses, parking lots, neighbourhood communities. Beings manufacturers we can customize your awning to your liking. Our awnings are 100% self-made

The most popular custom awning

  • Custom vertical awnings: they are perfect for protecting windows and balconies.
  • Custom pergolas: designed to cover large areas. They need very little maintenance.
  • Motorized awnings: suitable for large awnings. As they are automated their handling is much easier.

Advantages of custom awnings

The main function of an awning is to provide shade. Protect your home, business, patio from sunlight and radiating heat.

If you choose to install a custom awning you get the maximum shad. You protect all the available area from the sun.

With the awnings we manage to reduce the interior temperature. In the hottest days and hours, the thermal sensation inside is lower than outside. Being cooler, it is not necessary to spend so much on air conditioning. A custom awning guarantees maximum energy savings.

To these benefits, it must be added that an awning adapted to the space ensures greater privacy. By making it to measure, more privacy is achieved. Both in indoor and outdoor areas.

Extras that you can add to your custom awnings

Added to the above advantages is the possibility of customizing many aspects of the awning: the type of canvas or fabric, the colour, the design, the type of structure, the fixings or supports

Tell us the design you like for your awning and we will manufacture it to your liking. We have a wide variety of fabrics, colours finishes and designs.

In addition to being able to add different functionalities: motor systems and sensors that fold or unfold the awning depending on the weather conditions: rain, sun, wind. With this you enjoy a more durable awning.

With quality and safety guarantees

With more than 40 years of experience, at Toldos Costa Blanca we take quality and safety very seriously. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our products pass quality controls in the manufacturing and installation process. We have the ISO 9001:2015 and we comply with the European safety regulations UNE EN 13561 of the CE making.

Ask for a budget without commitment.

We go to your home, business and take the appropriate measurements. We present you the project of custom awnings at no cost. The measurements and the estimate are free and without any commitment to hire. 

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