How to choose a terrace awning

Installing an awning or pergola on a terrace, has several advantages, protect us from the sun, rain, allow us to use our space longer during the year, etc., in addition to this, a good planning and choice of the appropriate awning, can save us of energy, with the reduction of costs that entails.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

 Which awning to choose.

Where to install it

How to install it

Measures you must take.

Awning quality and durability.

Frequent questions.

Types of awnings and quality

 Awning to choose:

Awnings for terrace or patio of a house

We can choose them extendable, with or without a box and add backdrops to guarantee privacy, a gazebo pergola, shade sail awnings which are very decorative and appropriate for chill out spaces, etc.

Hospitality awnings

Restaurants and cafes offer the customer the possibility of a space outside, but protected from the weather. In addition, in these spaces smoking is allowed unlike the interior of the premises. The awnings that make up a tunnel are highly demanded to have a smoking area in bars and restaurants. Some may be bioclimatic pergolas, shade sails, veranda or tunnel type, almost completely closing the space.

 The necessary measures:

To make a shade sail or design an awning or pergola, it is necessary to be clear about the area to be covered and if it will be fixed or extensible, with this, our team of professionals will plan exactly the dimensions they will have at home. Awnings with folding arms cover less maximum space than awnings with fixed arms and pergolas. If our terrace is very wide, we can choose to put more than one to ensure safety.

How to install it:

We have a trained and specialized team in the installation of awnings, with more than 40 years of experience, we offer speed, accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote.

Quality and Durability:

There are different types of fabrics, adapted for each awning or pergola.

Acrylic fabric filters up to 80% UV, which represents high sun protection. It is very resistant to wind and moisture.

The microperforated canvas is the fabric that offers the highest performance, with a protection of more than 90% of ultraviolet and infrared rays. In addition, it reduces the temperature of the space protected by the awning, as it allows ventilation and prevents hot air from accumulating under the fabric. The color can help us in terms of aesthetics, luminosity and temperature.

 For all the above, it is important that quality, Toldos Costa Blanca has ISO 9001 Quality Certification in its products and facilities, so we can provide greater reliability and durability of the products, and guarantee them.

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