How much does the installation of an awning cost?

Why install an awning?

An awning has the main function of preventing sunlight from directly hitting your home or business. You avoid the heat and wear caused by the sun´s rays and you will be protected from UV rays.

Installing an awning reduces energy consumption and offers you privacy.

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Cost of installing an awning

Given the benefits of installing an awning, it is time to talk about its cost.

Awning prices vary based on a number of factors. We detail them below.

Factors that determine the prices of awnings

The factors to take into account are the type of awning, the quality of the canvas or technical fabric with which we “dress” the awning, the size and location, the workmanship and the extras that we want to add.

In the market we will find many varieties and qualities, choosing the best awning at the best quality price will depend on your choice of the brand.

  • Awning types

Depending on the structure, the awnings can be basically of two types: fixed arms (cheaper), extendable arms or modular structure awnings (higher price).

We can also classify them as manual and motorizes operation.

Prices for motorized awnings are higher than manually operated awnings. Although this type of motorization is more expensive, it is worth it for the ease of use and comfort that offers.

  • Fabric quality

In addition to the structure or the system to unfold or roll up them, the quality of the fabric determines the prices of the awnings.

Four types of fabric are generally used.

Polyester or cotton fabric awnings are the cheapest and they are not that durable. Sunlight causes them to wear down and lose their colour.

Technical fabrics and acrylic canvases and of the highest quality, although they are also more expensive. With the entry of acrylic canvas, the cotton fabric has been losing prominence until almost disappearing. Acrylic colours and technical fabric carry up to an 8-year manufacturer´s warranty against fading.

  • Awning size and location

The larger the awning the higher the price. We need more anchor points, more fabric, more meters of structure and a motorized system to facilitate its handling. It is not recommended to move the awning manually when the awning exceed 5 meters of line.

If the place where we want to install the awning is difficult to access and we must use other installation elements, its cost increases. A series of costs must be added: rental of special machinery, work at height, scaffolding, protective equipment….

  • Workforce

The cost per hour of person or people who install the awning is another important item in the prices of the awnings. Social insurance, occupational risk prevention and protective equipment add costs to the workforce. Travel expenses can also be added to this concept.

The larger the size, the difficulty of the installation, the more extras to incorporate, the working hours increase therefore the cost of this item rises.

  • Extras that can be added

There are extras such as sun, wind and rain sensors that allow the awning to be automatically roll up when any of these elements appear. They are called security systems and have an impact on a greater durability of the awning.

Adding lettering such as company logos or names is a highly demanded extra in the Horeca channel. It is a very attractive way to add brand image to a business.

These extras add cost to your awning but allow you to have more safety and comfort in handling your awning.

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