​How can I protect my awning ?


All awnings have the particularity of protecting us from the sun, their fabrics allow us the most pleasant life under their shadow while protecting us from the harmful UV rays.

But what can we do to protect our awning?

It is well known that the sun is a degrading agent of the first order, its rays discolor the tissue, damage it and eventually disintegrate it over time. To avoid this deterioration in a short space of time there are options to protect the awning from the rays of the sun and other inclement weather, these options are called chest, semi chest or roof.

The casing is nothing more than an aluminum "box" that fits perfectly either to cover the canvas of the awning when it is rolled up or to protect the entire system with the included hardware.

This system is much more compact and allows all awning components (canvas, arms and mechanisms) to be fully protected. It consists mainly of two profiles that house the whole system inside.

The semi chest is a profile that completely surrounds the canvas and protects it when it is collected, adapts to any type of awning as long as it can be rolled up.

The roof is composed of one or several aluminum slats that can be joined together forming a canopy of different width, it adapts to any type of awning whether rolled or flat.

Awnings Costa Blanca can advise you on the best system to protect your awning.

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