Extensible Awnings in the Cala de Finestrat

Work of solar protection with extensible awnings adapted to the facade of the porch of the construction and providing an extra protection to the zone of rest of the swimming pool with a system of awnings Abris.

Extensible Awnings

All extensible awnings of this work has its own motorization allowing the automation of the whole set. If the customer opts for the domotization it is possible to adapt the extension and collection of each of the extendable awnings at the desired time. You can also opt for rain, wind or sun sensors that allow the opening and closing of the awning when any of these sensors captures sun, rain or wind.

If we choose a central wind wind this is responsible for opening and closing the awning extensible being the wind sensor that determines, for safety, whether or not to open the awning. This option is advisable for the peace of mind that the awning will be collected if it is windy thus avoiding that this awning will spoil. The option of the sun sensor consists of a photocaptor that allows the opening or closing when or not the sun in its cell. But unlike the wind sensor will only open the awning when the wind sensor allows its opening. The customer does not have the power to open and close the awning at its discretion if the wind sensor is activated.

The Cala de Finestrat is the only beach in the municipality of Finestrat and is located 3 km away from Benidorm. It is a tourist destination for foreigners and Spaniards. It borders the town of Villajoyosa to the southwest and Benidorm to the northeast.

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