Extensible Awning with motor in Torrevieja


Extensible Awning with motor in Torrevieja

Solar protection system of the extensible type.
This system is mainly characterized by the "absence" of stretcher arms of the canvas.

When you pick up the awning, the arms are hidden, giving the impression that you do not have them, they are only visible when they are extended.

This type of awning is especially suitable for balconies (anchoring in the interior area) porches, and facades. It is not advisable in places where the wind is the predominant component, although it supports up to 33 km / h (according to measurements) it is not advisable to keep it open when the wind exceeds that threshold.

The measures of extension of this type of solar protection system starts from 1.25 meters and culminates in the 4 meters, this last measure is installed in places where the anchor allows it to be firm and safe. Our extendable awnings offer up to 10 cm. more than extension of the competition, another detail that differentiates Toldos Costa Blanca.

Toldos Costa Blanca has technical advisors that will provide you with the best product for your sun protection needs.

We are the only company in the sector with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate that empowers us to issue the installation certificate and CE marking. We have a civil liability policy that covers any contingency in the installation and post work. All our workers are trained in the prevention of occupational risks

You will not find us because you are the cheapest, you will find us because you are the best.

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