Extendable pergolas

Do you need a solid shadow space that can also be retractable in the smallest possible space? In this case, an extendable pergola can be a very good option for your home or business.

What is a extensible pergolas?

An extendable or folding type pergola is a metal or canopy structure, using a rail or wheel system will allow us to easily unfold or retract the structure. Providing a pleasant and comfortable area of ​​shade, while still enjoying free space when necessary.

pergola extensible

Why have an extendable pergola?

Due to current circumstances, it is suitable to have outdoor areas sheltered from the sun and high temperatures, where to spend most of the spare time in our home. Having an extendable type canopy can be a good solution, It is an element that allows us to enjoy a pleasant shade as well as keep the area free and ordered, whenever necessary.

If you have a hospitality business with an outdoor space, an extendable type pergola it is a quality plus for your clients. It provides a very comfortable area that will surely satisfy your needs. An extensible canopy or gazebo can make the difference, as they are an element of great luxury and comfort.

pergola extensible

Custom extensible pergolas

Both for extendable and fixed type pergolas, we have the possibility of installing custom awnings for the top and sides. Thanks to these, we will enjoy an intimate space if we so desire. Or install vertical awnings with transparent windows, which allow us to see from or to the outside of the pergola while protecting us from high temperatures.

In addition, it is possible to have both awning pergolas, as well as a fixed roof that makes them completely waterproof, and with fixed or mobile installation.

We are manufacturers of extensible or folding pergolas so we can make them to measure, taking advantage of the available space in a more efficient way. We have a wide catalog of available models.

Pérgolas con toldo corredero

Through a previous study, we adapt to your specific needs. If you need an extendable pergola, do not hesitate and contact us, we will advise you without obligation.

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