Do you know the energy saving involved in installing an awning?


Many homes, shops, stores or restaurant businesses suffer from the embarrassment caused by blinding and damaging rays of sunlight entering through the windows. The installation of awnings for windows is the solution to all those problems.

Benefits of awnings for windows:

The main function of an awning is to protect the home, especially on hot summer afternoons. This kind of awnings is designed to protect people from the sun's UV rays and to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home.

Another of the main advantages of this type of awnings is the energy saving. Up to 15% of electrical energy can be saved by installing this type of awnings, since by contributing to having the house tempered, the use of air conditioning or other ventilation systems can be reduced. Another positive factor is that the installation of an awning in the window allows it to be left open for the air to run, without losing an iota of privacy.

When installing an awning it is necessary to have a few ideas clear. It is important to know which awning is most appropriate for each type of space. The fabric and color of the canvas of the awning is a fundamental decision, since through it the rays coming from the sun will filter out.

Types of awnings for windows

Currently three types of awnings for windows are commercialized, adapted to the different needs of each person and space.

This type of awning is one of the most elegant options. It is very appropriate for the windows of the hotels, since in addition to performing its protection function, it serves as a decorative element. It is formed by aluminum rings in the shape of a semi-circle, on them the canvas that protects from the sun's rays is attached.

As for its operation, it can be folded by means of ropes or by a crank. It stands out for the small space it occupies once folded.

Awning Straight point
This type of awnings is the most requested by customers. Due to the folding down of its arms the awning can be completely rolled up, either by means of a crank or electrically. The latter mechanism has the most modern awnings and allows the tasks of extension or collection are automatic and depend on the wind or sun that makes.

It can be manufactured in any color, size and type of canvas, all of the highest quality.

This type of awnings is very similar to traditional curtains in terms of form and aesthetics. The type of fabric is what changes, since it is designed to protect from the damaging effects of sunlight.

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