• Use of nitrile gloves
  • Use of sanitizing gel
  • Safety distance of two meters
  • Daily cleaning of the workplace, tools, tables, machinery, keyboards
  • Daily cleaning of the work surface


  • Use of nitrile gloves
  • Daily disinfection of the interior of the vehicle.
  • Weekly external washing of vehicle spraying at the end of the same solution at the end of the same disinfecting solution.


Enter the house with nitrile gloves, protective mask and mask. Give the client the protocol to follow of the installation. Request the client the minimum safety distance (2 meters).

Once the installation is finished, clean the crank, aluminium, engine controls, etc. with a disinfecting solution.

When collecting the payment and signing guarantee, use again the protective screen, gloves and mask.

Before entering the workplace

  • Taking the temperature of each person in the company.
  • Shoe disinfection through a container with disinfectant solution
  • Disinfection of hands by sanitizing gel


Certified quality in all our products and work protocols (manufacturing, transportation and installation)


We comply with the European Safety Guidelines UNE EN 13561 and we are the only company in the sun protection sector in the province with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.


Installation certificate, we deliver the warranty in writing. All our awnings have a two-year guarantee and we have civil liability insurance.


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