Coffee shops with style: improve your terrace with a vertical awning

Sep 10, 2018

A terrace of your business can be, without more, one more space of your business. However, by incorporating a vertical awning, you can improve its use for your customers and improve its appearance, creating a much more stylish space and prepared for the inclement weather.


Advantages of all for coffee shops

All the coffee shops with terrace have, in this one, the opportunity to stand out. Installing a striking awning may be the best option when making the business visible. Current awnings incorporate colors and designs that adapt to all tastes and needs. Therefore, an awning with corporate colors will make the cafeteria a very localizable place with a single glance.

Thanks to the vertical drop of the awnings, this type of awnings is ideal for the hospitality industry, although it can also be used in particular spaces. The space is maximized, covering the sides of the specific area, in addition to protecting said space. In addition, these facilities can be motorized to make their use more comfortable and simple, without the need to pick it up or open it manually.

Finally, they can also incorporate windows to let in the light, which will configure a sheltered and pleasant space at the same time with daylight.


Stylish coffee shops bill more

All the aesthetic advantages of a place are headed in a clear direction: create coffee shops with style. The decorations focused on creating a place where people feel welcomed and comfortable due to their decoration and furniture, are one of the guarantees of success in today's coffee shops.

A good example of this are the coffee shop franchises, where environment and decoration are two pillars of the business model, together with the low need for staff, the power of the co-operative image and the corporate colors of the brand that the chain provides, making it indistinguishable the rest.

Therefore, cafeteria awnings are not a mere external element of environmental protection. To be able to adapt to the style of each business, they must be part of its image strategy. Because a stronger image of the premises implies a larger clientele and, consequently, a better till.


Other advantages of terrace awnings

In addition to the aesthetic-strategic element, terrace awnings are a very useful protection element. In fact, depending on the local climate, they can become essential so that the business clientele does not decline depending on the season of the year.

The awnings protect from heat in summer. The vertical awnings can be raised and lowered individually, so that the terrace can allow fresh air to pass through. But also, in winter they are even more useful because they allow the installation of heating elements. Thus, closing the perimeter vertical awnings you can get a pleasant atmosphere, despite being on the street.

But, one of the most obvious advantages of installing a vertical awning comes with the rain factor, since customers can protect themselves while taking something easy. Especially when it is windy, because this way you can avoid the side splashes that are so annoying.

Outside the inclement weather, the awnings provide privacy and reduce the noise level. Therefore, customers will be less bothered by traffic and will not feel so “exposed” to the hustle and bustle of the street, and the neighbours will greatly appreciate the noise reduction from the terraces that are close to their homes.

Finally, although you can prohibit smoking on your terrace, in principle it is the only place in the bar where smokers can do it, it is also an advantage for them because they will have a place to take shelter, which translates into an increase in the potential audience Since not all businesses take into account this part of the clientele and can lead to a noticeable increase in your profits.


How to install a vertical awning

The installation of a vertical awning is not simple, since in most cases each business or house has particular dimensions and they have to be made to measure, that is why you will need the help of an expert. The specialists of Toldos Costa Blanca can design for you a vertical awning for your terrace and install it perfectly. Ask us

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