CE marking to Awnings


CE marking applied to the installation of awnings is a MANDATORY requirement in companies that install awnings on facades.

Any awning installed must carry the corresponding certificate that identifies the product with the regulations applied.

In order for an awning to carry the CE marking, the INSTALLER company must properly certify the installation by applying the factory production controls and the initial tests of the product.

While it is true that the manufacturer of the awning fittings must certify their product (fittings), the installer is ultimately responsible for certifying the installed awning.

For this, the installer needs a test and production control, both necessary to be able to certify the installation, so that installers of awnings that do not have a production process will not be able to certify the installation, in fact they do not certify it. ( See careful article with universal installers ) .

This detail is important since any accident caused by the deficient installation runs to the account of the contractor ie the end customer, who is not aware of the danger of hiring non-professionals as they can not certify the installation.

The proliferation of unauthorized awning installers jeopardizes the safety and compliance of the European safety directive UNE EN 13561 relative to wind resistance, with the consequent danger to the final customer.

A good tip: ask for the certificate of CE marking of your awning, if the person gets undone in explanations not to present it is that is not tendered to issue the certificate. Demand certification of installation of your awning, it is for your safety and it is for your peace of mind.

Toldos Costa Blanca has the ISO 9001 quality certification, the certification of the installation of the awning and CE marking and a civil liability policy that covers any post work contingency. Contact us without obligation.

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