Care for "Universal Installers"


Get good weather, the Sun is beginning to warm up and begin to appear the famous "universal installers".

They are those "installers" that made any kind of installation work, call professionals everything themselves and actually enough leave to be desired in many. Usually they tend to be people who are mainly engaged in other activities unrelated to the sunscreen industry and that leverage its proximity with the client to provide its "other facilities".

These people, without neglecting at any time its main activity is not the solar protection and in which I put in doubt are not very professional, do not possess the minimum training in the installation of awnings, even made it. They take measures, they charge to a third party, they collect it when the awning is finished and then they are installed to the end customer, that is the process, no quality control, no process control, just order it to a warehouseman and is already.

Sometimes without previous budget, without invoice, the obligatory certificate of installation and of course without warranty of any kind. The customer, in our opinion deserves something more than that.

Toldos Costa Blanca offers its customers:

  • -A commercial network formed exclusively in advising the customer the best solution of sunscreen and awnings. They all perfectly mastered at least two languages.
  • -A competent team of production where they make the awning according to the strict control of the standards of quality ISO 9001:2008
  • -A powerful and efficient team of professional installers exclusively for years on-site awnings.
  • -A team of quality control where to measure the satisfaction of the client delivering the survey and guarantee in writing, develop surveys and perform the continuous improvement of the quality system.
  • -After-sales service fast when something rarely fails.
  • Certified Company by FEMPA

Request certification of the installation of your awning. If you have a serious mishap with your awning insurance can apply it.

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